Monday, March 10, 2014

Daylight Savings Kicked My Butt

I'm just a little bit late to the party this morning because Daylight Savings has once again kicked my butt. But I'm so pleased to announce that I'm this week's cohost for the Weekly Wrap Up with Rachael and Lisa! Link up your weekend below so I can see how much fun you all had! 

My weekend was, for once, spectacular. I was able to see multiple sets of friends and the love was real y'all. Friday kicked things off with a great big Bacon Caesar at Wild Wings with my parents. They have 100 different flavors of wings. My mind was completely blown. 

After dinner I went home to get started on the wine early since Caitlin, Kristen & Kathleen were late coming to my house for game night. Losers. 

It's okay because they caught up quickly with their wine glasses that held a whole bottle. 

I also discovered that night that board games are friendship ruiners. It's not my fault Kristen and I are so good at Taboo... After some very tense board games, Jon & Mat showed up with food and then we played Hide and Seek in the dark. Yeah, we're all around the age of 24 but it was maybe the most fun ever. I highly recommend it. Oh and on a similar note  but not really, you need to go follow my friend Caitlin on twitter because she's hilarious. And I want the world to know it. 

Saturday was Mike & Mel's social, aka the party of the year. Seriously, it was amazing. I may or may not have indulged in the booze more than I normally would but after the week from Hell I felt I deserved it. The music was also so on point that I couldn't not get drunk and bust a move on the d-floor with the bride and groom to be. Also, the social food was super yummy I almost didn't make it back to my table. I almost nommed it all right there. 

Sunday I had to drive my pops to the airport once again so he can go make big monies in Alabama so him and my mom can afford to take us to Las Vegas in April. Oh yeah, have I mentioned that my parents are taking my sister and I to Vegas in April as a grad present to both of us. SCORE. I love my parents, it's one of the nicest things they've done since I didn't expect them to pay for the whole trip.
After the airport I had to work at TCP and I was so exhausted when I got home. I have  no idea how I managed to clean. I was in auto-pilot I think. I treated myself to a jacuzzi bath but there's no pictures ya sickos! Anyway, that's all for me. I have a busy busy week ahead so maybe don't expect a post errday. 

Love you my pretty little birds and link up because I want to hear about your weekends!

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  1. sounds like an amazing weekend! my body was like, fuck DST, i'm waking up regular time so at 4am, my eyes popped open because i usually wake up at 5am.

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. You have such nice, glowy skin! I'm jealous!

  3. Your weekend sounds like so much fun! Anything with bacon is to die for so that drink looks amazing! I just found you via Rachel and I'm so glad I did! Consider me a follower :)

  4. So how did you still look pretty on Saturday night after all the drink, drank drunk? I look like a train wreck usually after 2 drinks and if it's after 10pm. Share your secrets!

  5. Your parents are so awesome! Take me with you too!

    I don't know what a social is. Whoops. Looks like an awesome, awesome time though!

  6. I love playing board games!! Hide-and-seek sounds like it would be a ton of fun, too. :) I'm so glad that you could co-host with us this week. :D

  7. glad to hear i am not the only one that gets really competitive with board games!

  8. hide and seek in the dark?! Why wasnt I invited? i miss those days.

  9. Oh man, board games have almost torn Pete and I apart! hahahaha

  10. Sounds like an amazing weekend!