Monday, March 24, 2014

Another Monday, Another Weekend Wrap-up

My weekend in 10 words:

1) Girls
2) Wine
3) Work
4) The George
5) Poutine
6) Sleep
7) Netflix
8) Boys
9) Casino
10) Family

Ugh. Fine. I'll elaborate...

Girls night on Friday saw me and the ladies drink wine, eat some pineapples and gossip til we could gossip no more. While my cute little puppy niece Lola slept at our feet because she's a perfect little princess. 

Saturday I worked the morning shift with Courtney and Stacey and then I went home and napped, obviously. After my nap, I realized I was late for a little family party in Oakbank, so I skipped the shower and raced there. We had a great time, like when I fell down the stairs. True story, I fell down the stairs and now my ass is bruised to high heaven. 

From Oakbank, I went and picked up another one of my cousins and we met some more family at our favorite local dive bar, The George. Dancing, singing, drinking, people watching and all around lots of fun. Especially from the old man that looked like the McMuffin guy from Superbad, who only knew one part of one Jackson 5 song but kept singing it over and over and over in his drunken stupor. 

After The George we of course went for Poutine, because hello, we're in Canada. 

Sunday involved lots of Netflix, lots of napping and then I met up with some of the boys and we went to the casino to play Black Jack. And I was up $11 which never happens so I was pumped. And that's my weekend...

What did you get up to this weekend? Don't forget to link up with Rachael!


  1. Thanks for linking up, babe! I would fall, too. But that's why we are soulies. duh.

  2. wait? how is there not video proof of you falling!!!!!!!!!

  3. I was getting prepared to drool over poutine again, but thank you for sparing me and my hungry hungry hippo face. I want to hear more about this fall!

  4. I have no idea what poutine is! What is it? Sounds like a fun weekend!

  5. I really wish I liked poutine! I try but it's just not my thing... I guess I'm not Canadian enough...

  6. I guess this is the weekend for falling. Lame.

    I agree with Brittany. I guess I'm not Canadian enough to love poutine either.

  7. ew, you ate cunt in a cup?! hahahah that's what my friend calls it. i call it "bowl of yeast infection" but i like her description better.

    sounds like a great weekend. netflix + sleep + wine? yes please.

    Vodka and Soda

  8. Congrats on your $11!! I won on the slots twice out of like the four times in my life I've actually gone gambling. Since there are no casinos next to me (both are over an hour away), I stick with Bingo, haha.

  9. Sounds like my kind of weekend. Also, what is poutine..? (commence the googling)

  10. Wine, sleep, and Netflix sounds like an awesome combination to me! Also, being up $11 in blackjack is totally a success. The single time I've gambled, I came out even, and I counted that as winning, haha.