Thursday, February 6, 2014

Spotlight On: Vodka & Soda

When i first started my blogging adventure, I found that it was dominated by American ladies. Being Canadian, I found it slightly discouraging that I hadn't found any fellow Canucks but I kept trucking. And then one day, God shined a beam of light (or I don't know maybe it was just a sun dog or something) onto the webpage that is Vodka and Soda and my soul departed to a place known as heaven because I had found her.

Kathy, you brash, blunt, beauty you... She became my first sponsor and I died of happiness and then I came back to life to write this post. Everyone, meet Kathy! (I will interject in italics guys, so that's me k? k.) Ron Swanson is gonna help us get this party started.

Hi Kathy, could you give us a little background on yourself?

I'm Kathy, 38 yrs old, living in the frozen tundra that is Toronto. Married mom to an amazingly awesome 5 year old girl and an IT professional (<--LOL).

(At this point I just picture this)

I love: my robe, sweat pants, blogging, anything related to the internet or computers or technology, making fun of my people and any stereotypical joke. Health and fitness gives me major boners.  

Why did you start a blog?
I've been blogging on and off since 2000 when blogger wasn't really a thing and LiveJournal was all the rage. But you didn't ask me that. Clearly, I need to improve my reading skills. I started a blog because someone said it was fun. And it was a good way to pass time at work. I was bored and so I did and here we are.

I just found out I'm pregnant. Quick, give me one piece of advice! (I'm not though this is just hypothetical. Don't worry mom.)
Ignore all the sanctimommy bitches who will tell you you're doing everything wrong.

Favorite fictional character?
John McClaine.

Favorite curse word or string of curse words?  
fuck, balls, ass, fuck face, whoreface, whore, bitch...pretty much all of them.

If you could go back and relive one age, what age would that be?
Probably 28.  That was a good age.  

You can change careers today, no repercussions. What new path would you choose? 
I'd be a doctor.

Top 5 posts according to her:  

Then I asked her to do some word association so we could crawl inside her mind for a moment. And then she said this: 

"omg this is like a game show! no whammies, no whammies!" 

Kathy's Word Association:

Fruit: watermelon
Winter:  bag of ass
Canada:  best country in the world
America:  the guys who would argue that canada is the best country in the world
Female:  bleeding vagina.  god needs to do something about that bullshit right there. (brb dying)
Vegetable: spaghetti squash
Gym: Bros 
Card: master
Computer: boner
Blogging: awesome
Turtle:  poo (???)
Men:  hairy
Boobs: need some (you can have mine, big boobs are overrated)

Lastly, I asked if she would play a round of Fuck, Marry, Kill. She didn't know how to play and it was shocking. But it's okay I explained and we got this:

        Marry                                    Fuck                                             Kill

Fuck                                        Marry                                          Kill

    Kill                                              Fuck                                       Marry

Marry                                            Fuck                                          Kill

Ew!  Can't you give me other choices?!
(just a little Canadian humor on my end)

This concludes my very first sponsor spotlight. I hope you enjoyed getting to know Kathy. She's absolutely friggin hilarious and I'm really glad I stumbled upon her in blogland. It's not often I find fellow canucks and she might be one of the best. She said she had no good pictures of her so I can't add any. BOO. I think she's bootiful. Oh well. Looks like you'll just have to go check out Vodka & Soda for yourself! See you tomorrow lovelies.


  1. I love the Eff Marry Kill game but I don't think I ever could have made a decision between the 3 Ryans - they're all my favourites!

    I love your sponsor spotlights - once I'm finally down with my no spend challenges I just might have to sponsor!

  2. Hahaha. Marry Fuck Kill - been For-EV-ER since I played that and I think I agree with Kathy. She's hilarious and adorable!

  3. OMG KATHY YOU'RE PLAYING IT WRONG. Who would kill Iron Man?! Have you seen that goody two shoes captain America? Kill him and marry the super rich and hilarious Iron Man. Duh. And you don't kill Emma Stone either. You kill Hermione. Sorry Hermione but Emma Stone's the funnier Emma.

  4. Haha, Kathy is the shiz.

    I have dibs on marrying Ryan Reynolds though. So, get out of here.

  5. Love Kathy...she is amazaballz....thanks for the spotlight!

  6. Turtle: Poo.....I die!!!

    Fuck, Marry, Kill looks like a fun game!

  7. Fucking love Kathy and this post was hilarious. And I was also surprised that she killed Emma! Say what!

  8. i want to play the kill fuck marry game! also bleed vaginas really are the worst.

  9. oh come on now, don't you know that when you have to take a shit really bad and your turds are practically coming out of your asshole, it's called "turtling"? (imagine a turtle's head popping in/out of it's shell) LOL!!

    i killed iron man because he's a narcissistic selfish prick who will end up cheating on me when he gets tired of me and he's the type to go for a younger model just to rub it in and won't even bother hiding his infidelity. forward thinking, ladies; always go with forward thinking.

    and emma stone - i just hate her; she's a biatch!

    thanks for the spotlight, Melissa. it was awesome and fun :)

    Vodka and Soda

  10. Well a fellow Canadian, you best believe I will be reading her blog from now on! :)

  11. i just need to say how thrilled i am (overjoyed really) that all of the GIFS WERE RON FREAKING SWANSON! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  12. What a great sponsor spotlight- super impressed!!
    And I love me some Kathayyy!

  13. Well I love Kathy and this was seriously the best sponsor spotlight I've ever read!!!! Very creative!!! :D