Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Meat Shoulders & Friends

I'm going to link up with Rachael a day late because yesterday was Louis Riel day in Manitoba. Which meant it was a long weekend. Which meant I was a lazy dragon all day. And I had zero interest in logging onto the internet except to Netflix it up. So, let's keep it Riel here and recap my wondrous weekend (is wondrous even a real word?). 

Valentine's Day was spent with my girls and it was maybe my favorite V-day to date. McDonald's and milkshakes and wine and the Olympics. I lucked out in life and got some pretty great friends. Friends who ditched their boyfriend to be with me cause I'm more important (BOOM take that Trav). 

Saturday we went to a social and for those of you who don't live in Manitoba a social is basically where you rent a community hall and have alcohol and prizes and sell tickets and your friends and family pay to come and you make money. Usually for your wedding. Yes we are that cheap here that we basically have a fundraiser for our weddings. Social food is maybe the best food in the world because it's cold cuts, cheese and pickles. And rye bread and mustard so you drunkenly make sandwiches. How amazing is that?? I get so excited I can't even make it back into the gym to eat it. I have to sit down and nom away. 

A tradition we have (we being my circle) that involves the cold cuts is meat shouldering. As in you put a piece of ham or salami on someone's shoulder without them noticing and then laugh until they do. 

Sunday I actually ventured out past 10 pm to go watch my friends play hockey and it was maybe the first time ever that I've gone out past 8:30 on a Sunday. Jaws were dropping all over the city. Classic duckface. 

Monday was sleep in day because it was a long weekend and I get those days off because yay having a real job in an office. I went home to my parents to meet up with my sister and neighbors to go to a Lebanese bakery for lunch and then we drove all the way there and it was closed and I wanted to cry because I wanted a Donair :(. We settled for The Burger Factory and I may have over committed to my lunch. 

I also got to see my little neighbor friends when I went home Monday and I was so happy. These little girls are hilarious and adorable and in the summer used to stand outside my house calling my name until I came outside to play. But now I don't live at home and they missed me. So we played in the snow for a bit. And because my yard has more snow than theirs I gave them permission to play in my yard so SORRY MOM! I just want to point out that the snow they are playing on comes up to my shoulders. Canadian Winters for the win. 

Last but not least Rrrroll Up The Rim is back at Tim Horton's so basically there goes my whole paycheck. May the odds be ever in my favor. If I don't win this year I'm probably going to lose it. One free coffee, that's all I fricken ask! I'm already 0-4 so it's not looking good for me so far. 

That's all I have for today. Sorry it wasn't that interesting. On a maybe interesting note I did go on a date maybe this weekend. And it maybe went well. And he's maybe kind of cute. But that's all just a maybe. K BYE. 

The Rachael Way


  1. Roll up the Rim is my guilty pleasure. Really, only Canadians will understand that.

    A fundraiser for a wedding. Ha. That's perfect! Genius, really.

  2. But that hamburger though.. Oh my gaahhhh, I want it so bad! Also, meat shouldering? HAHAH, I so want to do this.

  3. today i won a free coffee so that made my #RAGE simmer down just a tad. i still had a lunch that tasted like ass and i got mad all over again when i had to dish out $10 for a lunch that licked major bag.

    canadian winters can suck it!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda


  5. The meat shouldering thing is hilarious. I love that RUTR (yes I just made my own acronym for Roll up the Rim) is double roll ups this year (at least it is in Ontario)....and props to the little girl wearing the Leafs toque!

  6. Those socials sound like such a good idea!! I would gladly pay a little to help a friend cover the costs of her wedding. Also, thanks for explaining what it was because I have a friend who lives in Winnipeg who is engaged and she kept posting on Facebook about how her and her hubby-to-be were giving away all these prizes...which now it makes a lot more sense!
    Thanks for linking up for Weekly Wrap Up!

  7. Bahahahah... meat shouldering... I want to do that to someone!

  8. Such a fun weekend! And now I want a sandwich AND a hamburger. lol.
    Love you.

  9. can we do a social just for my personal fund. it doesn't even have to be for a wedding. just for my bank account to be happy.