Monday, January 13, 2014

The Big Boom and My Baby Sister

I'm late to the party today but I just really don't care. I still haven't consumed enough coffee this morning to make up for staying up late all weekend. So what you're going to get today is a short little post. 

Friday my little baby sister celebrated her 22nd birthday. Anna and I made an appearance at my parent's house to say happy birthday to her (and to eat cake, which we never got, but whatever!) and I made her take pictures with me. She hates pictures. She also hates me like 95% of the time but it's cool, I love you Sarah!

After these pictures were taken, Anna and I peaced it back to my house (it's so weird to say that, even though it's not technically my house) and then we did this. 

this is what we call WGW (White Girl Wasted)

I was up until 3 am and haven't been able to catch up since. Poor Grandma over here. Oh well. Saturday was by far my favorite day of the whole entire weekend because I went to Celebrations. Celebrations is a Dinner Theatre here in the 'Peg and it's the actual best. My parents, sister, aunts/uncle, cousin and other people from East End Community Club and myself went to celebrate the end of another great year and also my aunt's retirement. The food was phenomenal, the show was absolutely hilarious and the actor's were so on point. The show was The Big Boom Theory 2. The actress who played Bernadette had her voice down perfectly and Leonard had mastered the facial expressions. I actually felt like they were the real characters from The Big Bang Theory. If you've never been to a dinner theatre GO. It's the best 4 hours you will spend I promise you. 

One of the actor's thought Beast End was funnier. 

So that's my weekend. Sunday consisted of a lot of cleaning the house and dinner at my parents. Dinner at my parents was followed by raiding their freezer for food because I was too lazy to go grocery shopping. So thanks mom :). 

Hope everyone had a great weekend as well! Did you do anything exciting?


My Best Blog Friend (BBF) Fallon and I have come up with a really good idea. Well, I mean every idea we have is good, but this one is really good. We're hosting a link-up this Friday called "Take It From Me". Aka probably the best (re: worst) advice you might ever receive. I also want to point out that Fallon made this little graphic below, therefore it is her fault that hilarious is spelled wrong, but we don't really care. WHOOPS. We want to hear your stories too, so link up with us on Friday! 


  1. I want to have a WGW slumbie at your house.
    Stupid distance. Whatever I'll just settle for Google Hangouts.
    PS. Can't wait for Friday <3

    xo fal |

  2. but for reals. i am dying because of my late night saturday. the struggle is real. also, your sister looks like she is really happy to be taking a photo with you ;)

  3. I love your hair curly! And I'm excited to read your stories on Friday!

  4. Celebrations sounds amazing! I would love to see The Big Boom Theory 2! I bet it was hilarious. Buy me a plane ticket so I can come visit? Ktnx.