Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sally Hansen CSM & A Sunshiney Rachel Giveaway!

I think it's pretty clear to everyone around me that I'm absolutely obsessed with nail polish. All I ever do in my spare time is paint my nails. Not even a little bit sorry because there are so many colors in the world to try and I get so giddy about it!

Ahem, moving on. When I got an e-mail from Influenster saying I qualified for the Sally Hansen VoxBox I think I peed a little. FREE NAIL POLISH! Yessss. I'm a little bit of an Essie whore so trying a new brand gave me a bit of anxiety. Good thing the nail polish was actually kick ass. 

It's a 7 in 1 polish which I didn't believe at first. Obviously. I'm a huge skeptic. But it proved me wrong. The brush was so easy to use and it went on smoothly. That's a huge bonus because I kind of suck at painting my nails. Especially with my left hand so this aided the process. I also love that I didn't need any top coat. No top coat and it's also chip proof? SOLD. 

I ended up trying two of the three colors: Jaded and Pat on the Black. Pat on the Black is hands down the best purple I've ever used. Look how dark and vampy it is! *me-ow*. 

(seriously, I'm terrible at painting my own nails no judgement!)

Pretty safe to assume that I now hold Sally Hansen in high esteem. Now I'm going to be a brand whore for both Essie and Sally Hansen. Yay for new products! Thanks for letting me give these puppies a try Influenster and Sally. I love y'all!
*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.*
There are few things I don't love about blogging. I love every. single. aspect. ALL OF THE BLOGGING PERKS. Okay anyway. If I did have to choose my one favorite thing? The girls I've met. You know when you meet someone and you just click immediately? Yeah, that has happened to me thanks to the internet and I am floored at the beautiful, strong, successful ladies I've met. 

One of my blog besties is celebrating her one year Blogaversary! I'm so proud of my little Rachie! In honor of this, all the best ladies (imho) in blogland have come together for one seriously great giveaway. Come celebrate the last 365 days that Sunshiney has spent in our lives!

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  1. wait you got so much free nail polish? I'm jellypop. Thanks for celebrating with me <3 <3 <3 <3 you're the ish so happy you is in my life ;)

  2. Lucky girl! I didn't qualify for that one. Boo!

  3. haha am i the only one in blog land that paints their nails like twice a year and leaves the chipped stuff on until it comes off on its own?

  4. i love essie too but sally is legit! and it's better-priced too :)

    Vodka and Soda

  5. I feel you. We just marked down a TON of holiday polishes at Indigo, and I may have gone a little crazy and bought every colour (at $3 a pop, plus my discount, I couldn't say no).

  6. Uh you didn't tell me you were getting free stuff, whorebag! Jelly.
    Anyways, I suck at painting my nails, too. So no judgements.

  7. I love Essie! It's my fave. And yay giveaway fun times.

  8. I love the Sally Hansen color. Reminds me of Tiffany's boxes

  9. Oh I am so jealous! I love Sally Hansens nailpolish! Love the colors! :)