Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Humpday Confessions

Before I get on with today's post, I want to wish my pretty little bird Rachel over at Sunshine and Sinatra a very wonderful one year Blogaversary! I'm so glad you took the plunge one year ago today because it led me to you! xo

On to the main event. One of my favorite fellow Canucks, Kathy, hosts a Wednesday linkup that I clearly need to get in on. So without further ado, these are my confessions (great now I have Usher stuck in my head...).

I confess:

...I watched two seasons of Bob's Burgers in 1.5 days over the weekend. Not even a little bit ashamed. Thanks again Netflix. 

...I only recently discovered the joy that is Spotify but I pretend I've known about it for longer than a week. 

...I told an 8 year old that Egyptians used to shove a hook up a dead body's nose to pull out the brain before they mummified them. I think I left a lasting mental scar. Whoops. 

...Then I fought with her over a puppy sticker because it looked like Doge. I really shouldn't be in charge of children sometimes. 

...I lied a lot this week about my phone dying so I didn't have to talk to anyone. At all. Just so I could binge-watch Workaholics and eat rice crackers with no pants on. 

...The someecards desk calendar I bought makes me happier than getting laid ever could. 

...I really want to go to a movie by myself so I can enjoy the full experience without paying attention to anyone else but my family and friends judge me so I haven't. But I'm going this weekend so suck it haters. 

...Buying new socks instead of doing laundry sounds like a better plan than sucking it up and doing laundry. 

...I steal food from my parents instead of grocery shopping cause lazy. 

...I requested 23 books from the library online two days ago and they're all about serial killers, murder, the FBI and CSIS. Welcome to my obsession. 

...I was really motivated to lose weight two weeks ago but now I just want all the greasy things. I haven't broken yet. But I might. 

There you have it. My confessions for this week. In other news, I didn't post yesterday because I was updating my About Me page and figuring out how I wanted to offer sponsorships. Well it's all up and running now so go take a peek!

 Have a great rest of your hump day and for any Winnipeggers, stay warm, it's getting nasty looking outside. 


  1. haha! best confessions today. thanks for linking up. i'm the same - when i discover something that's been around for a long time, i legit pretend that i knew about it from way before.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Ummmm this: I requested 23 books from the library online two days ago and they're all about serial killers, murder, the FBI and CSIS. Welcome to my obsession. <---- is me.

    I recently took out from the library "Mind Hunters" and "The Anatomy of Motive" by John Douglas. I would recommend it if you are into Criminal Minds type stuff :)

  3. OH HERRO. I'm like super wee bit late to this train but I just wanted to keep telling you how much I love this blog design.And you.

    "...The someecards desk calendar I bought makes me happier than getting laid ever could. "
    Who needs guys is the real question

  4. I just died a little with the gif. That's hilarious! I fight with my 5 year old about things such as stickers all the time. It lets you feel like you're little again.

  5. What movie are you going to alone? And those books sound like some great reads!!!

  6. Haha love these confessions. I've been really motivated to eat healthier and it was going great but I'm on day 4 of drinking a smoothie in the morning instead of coffee and I really want some coffee. I understand your craving for greasy things.

  7. go to the movie alone. hater gonna hate. but you enjoy your movie and your Jennifer.

  8. I use to love and read serial killer books!! I still have some of my favorites including A Gallery of Rogues and a Time-Life book called Serial Killers, so interesting.

  9. HOLY SHIT BOBS BURGERS IS MY FAVORITE THING EVER - everyone else has not caught onto the amazingness that is that show quite yet. Also - Doge is the mostly because my dog looks exactly like doge.

  10. Bob's Burgers was one of those shows that I couldn't stand but it grew on me.

    The "sorry I can't talk because my phone is dying" lie doesn't work with me because my friends end up bbm'ing/google chatting me to see if their message gets delivered to me. If the messaged is delivered, my phone isn't dead. Smart jerks.

  11. I love that you have a someecards calendar, I want one!!

  12. Love this post! So great.... definitely made me laugh.