Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hump De Bump

... I'm genuinely concerned that one of the girls in my Brownies group is showing sociopathic tendencies and I'm at a loss of what to do about it. 

... An 8 year old at Brownies yesterday proclaimed "This game is boring" to which I responded "YOU'RE BORING". Seriously... what is wrong with me?

... I've dipped into my personal recycling bin and as much as I'd prefer not to go down that path again, I'm apparently doing it anyway. Whoops. 

... This is an actual text conversation that happened with Andrea a few days back. I'm. NUTS. 

Me: I keep seeing and hearing things. I'm scared they're going to put me on extra meds. But I just think there's a demon or something in this house. 
Andrea: Is there anything I can do?
Me: Wanna come cleanse the house with sage? JK that's ridiculous you're not an exorcist.
Andrea: lmfao that's a thing?
Me: The sage? yeah I remember that from my witch days. 

(my witch days is a whole different post for a whole different day)

... I don't hate Winnipeg winters. THERE I SAID IT. 

... I have a massive crush on one of my teammates but I can't do anything about it. 

... I have been listening to Dark Horse by Katy Perry on repeat since yesterday and I'm not even a little bit sorry office. 

... I had a really messed up dream the other night. Long story short: I was a queen, I was captured, I was rescued, I stabbed an evil witch, I made out with a hot dude. END. Hot dude is a real person too so it made it extra awks when I woke up and saw him the next day. 

... I've been holding back telling blog world about this but Fallon and I will be going to Disneyworld in September! World's best first date. We're bringing two of our real life friends with us too. It's going to be epic. 


  1. hahaha you said that to an 8yr old?! that's hilarious. for the record, i hate it when kids say that. my 5yr old tried to say that i and so i said: I'LL SHOW YOU WHAT BORING IS! I WILL TAKE ALL OF YOUR TOYS AND THROW THEM IN THE GARBAGE AND THEN YOU'LL KNOW WHAT BORING IS!!!

    Vodka and Soda

    1. i feel like you're the hardcorest of hardcore moms, kathy

  2. Your dream sounds hilarious. What is with you and witches? Can I come to Disney too?!

  3. 8 year olds always creep me out - how do you know if they're just normal level of creepy or extra might be a sociopath creepy?

  4. I'd come cleanse the house with Sage for you, if you taught me how to do it?

  5. My sister thinks her house is haunted, she says ghosts scream in her face when she tries to sleep. I have heard the sage thing before too, in my witch research. ;)

  6. gotta love it. hope you're staying warm. not sure if its cold there. but it's freezing here.

  7. Disney World! Yay! I love it there. I want to go back. I hope you have a blast.

  8. Last year I was convinced one of my Brownies had some sort of split personality disorder, it was seriously crazy.

    Also, I need details on this guy.
    Also, witch days?!?!!? what in the hell? hhaah

  10. Lmfao at "You're boring!" That is definitely something I would say. I've got three kids and whenever they try to say that something is boring or they're bored I simply reply: "Oh, you're bored? Let's throw all your stuff away and see how bored you are then! Or how about you just sit your ass in the corner and count the hairs on your head?! That should be fun for you, right?"

  11. I want to hear more about the sociopathic 8 year old!! And the whole dipping into your personal recycling bin... I had to read that again to understand what you meant :) Dark Horse has been my jam lately! It's just so good. I wish it was a longer song.

  12. If you really think something is wrong with the kiddo, try talking with her school counselor and/or teacher. They should be able to give more insight into her behaviors. Also the counselor would know which resources to reach out to get the little girl some help.