Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Holiday Recap: Part I

The holidays were so busy but so fun. I wouldn't trade any of it for the world. But because so much happened, we had to separate this into a three-parter. So from now until Friday you're going to get some pretty large photo dumps. #sorrynotsorry

Let's get things rolling. Also, I wrote this on Monday because I know for a fact that today I'll be hungover to all hell. So snaps for me for being so prepared this week. 

Kristen's Annual Friends Christmas Dinner

The night was perfection. So much food, so much wine, so much fun. We ate a butt load of food that Kristen and her sister prepared themselves for like two days. And then we played Cards Against Humanity which was absolutely hilarious. I drank approximately 2.5 bottles of wine when I was only planning on slowly drinking the one I brought. Whoops. Also Mat's fault cause he kept refilling my glass when I wasn't looking. Jerk. Here's a photo dump. Props goes to Jon for the first four pictures cause mine all sucked. 

seriously these two are amazing making dinner for 21 people

everyone around three one table

so much love in this picture

I don't think Mat likes Jon very much....

Santa Claus Visits Transcona  

I mentioned before that every year a few days before Christmas, Santa visits my neighborhood on a sleigh. We have pizza and get all bundled up as a family to go outside and take pictures with him. Santa in this case is actually my uncle. My family is pretty awesome. This year, we had magic come back into Christmas with the addition of way more children. It was amazing. Seeing Christmas through the eyes of a 4 year old is priceless. The night went something like this. 

we decorated cookies!

Then the kids met Santa...

And me, my cousins and sister were like "WE KNOW HIM!"

and then even the adults got into the spirit

guys look I know Santa!

Okay that's it for today. Come back tomorrow to see some more ho ho holiday shenans.

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  1. You're adorable. And oh so prepared cause I haven't scheduled a post in a hot ass second. Happy New Year, baby girl! Can't wait to see what this year brings us. IT BETTER BRING YOU TO THE USA SO WE CAN TAKE SELFIES FOR DAYS OKAY. OKAY.

    love you. xo fal |

  2. Your friends deserve a good star for cooking for 21 people! That sounds so stressful! Also, can't believe you know Santa! I should've had you put in a good word for me! :)

  3. So basically, you have the most amazing friends in the world. Adopt me into your friends circle? Ktnx.

  4. So much family fun! Happy new year - plus hope the hangover wasn't too bad!