Friday, January 3, 2014

Holiday Recap: Part 3 + A Naked 3 Giveaway

Christmas Day in Hazelridge

It snowed all day on Christmas Eve so we woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow on Christmas Day. We headed out bright and early to Hazelridge (which is basically butteff nowhere in the country) to the community centre for breakfast. Yes, my family is so large that we couldn't fit into one house so we used a community centre. It was awesome because we had the whole rink to ourselves to skate. We had a big kitchen to cook the meal. And we had the perfect set up for our alcohol. Say what? Yes. Alcohol at 10 am. Never too early to start for us. Baileys, Vodka, Rum. Delicious. 

Dinner was at my house and I forgot to take pictures. Essentially we just stuffed ourselves full of food and then watched home movies of me and my cousins. It was pretty great. 

She didn't have skates so I pulled her...

... and she fell. 

She's going to be mad I posted this.

My cousin made little Grinches for a pre-breaky snack

He was standing there for a minute before I noticed he wanted me to take his picture.

New Year's Eve 2013

New Year's Eve was one of my favorite to date. We went over to Holly and Jordan's and drank, ate some seriously good food and played games well into the night. Grandma over here actually stayed out til 3 a.m. #whatwhaaat. I also started 2014 off without a hangover so I'm hoping that's a sign of the year to come. 


Don't be fooled. The dog is adorable but sometimes a jerk. But mostly adorable. 

New Year's Day

One of my uncle's was away for work on Christmas so we had a second dinner on Wednesday when he came home. The whole family (minus Kylee in Calgary) was able to make it and good times were had. One of my poor cousins was seriously hungover and I kept trying to convince the little ones to jump on her. (Hi I'm Satan.). 

We played a game called Head's Up that I downloaded on my phone thanks to Holly from the night before. It's basically like the game Headbands or Charades. It was a huuuuge hit. We also waited for the little ones to leave and busted out the Cards Against Humanity. Considering my dad was so against playing, he was knocking some rounds out of the park. Awkward, uncomfortable, yet oddly hilarious. 

Caitlin's side eye is on point

we were playing Cards Against Humanity...

...and why is everyone laughing so much?

my dad explained smegma to the entire room. i'm scarred for life. 

There you have it. This was my holidays. I enjoyed them so so so much. I spent ample amounts of time with my family and friends and it's all I've ever needed a holiday to be. Here's to starting off 2014 right. Here's to making time to be together. To good food and good times and good friends.


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  1. A whole community center?? That's amazing. Those grapes are the cutest thing ever. I kind of love your life!

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  4. that photobomb made me laugh. looks like such a great time; it's always amazing to spend the holidays with loved ones!

    Vodka and Soda

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    Showered With Design

  6. I tried ice skating once - and I was horrible at it... but i'm a champ at Cards Against Humanity!

  7. ice skating looks like so much fun! and my favorite makeup tip is putting on foundation first and then everything else!

  8. Your ice skating photos crack me up! Looks like ya'll had a blast!!

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