Thursday, January 2, 2014

Holiday Recap: Part 2

Work Christmas Party

Lucky for me, my office was closed from December 24 until today. Yes, I had just over a week off for the holidays. BOOM. Love my job. Anyway, on our last day (23) we had our staff Christmas party! We started out at Homer`s which is basically the best Greek food ever. After lunch and gift swapping we headed over to Garbonzo`s for some drinks and somehow ended up playing Boggle. Yeah, we`re pretty badass. It was a little bittersweet because my dear Laura will be leaving us. She got on with the Cadets so we`re not tooooo sad but still, going to miss her! Same with Dyl. He`s leaving until the summer. Bummer. I will miss you fools.

Friendsmas Eve 

So Christmas Eve has been dubbed Friendsmas Eve because that`s who I spent it with. I have almost no pictures so I asked Jon to send me his. Anyway, I started out at my neighbor`s as per usual. Lynn made a real kick butt Caesar. We watched The Grinch and drank homemade mulled wine which made me feel like Catelyn Stark or something. It was pretty good. After that I headed over to Jon`s where his Mom had made some French Onion soup and then we played games, sat by the fire (on the tv) and laughed. It was all around a great night with friends old and new. 

there seems to be a trend. Jon only sent me pictures of himself on Christmas Eve. wanker.  

p.s. that's me under that blanket #cold

Tomorrow I bring you part 3: Christmas Day and New Year's!

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  1. So basically your job AND your friends are the bomb. Seriously jelly. I want your friends Caesar recipe too! Some people are really good at making them. Some aren't.

  2. homemade mulled wine?! someone make this for me.

  3. what? homemade wine??? i need to get my FIL to make this for me...i keep forgetting he knows how to do this shit.

    Vodka and Soda

  4. Friends holidays are the greatest and make me feel like such an adult.