Friday, January 10, 2014

Enchiladas, Hobbits and 90s Jams

Notice anything? I have a new design!!! I'm actually ecstatic about it since I finally broke down and asked someone to do it for me. No more crappy Melissa made graphics guys. I know, big step for this control freak to let someone else take over. But it's okay. You know why? Because Kalyn is a goddess. that is why. I e-mailed her a few days ago and she responded within a few hours, and hardly three days later I have this new beaut of a design to show off. She was so easy to work with and gave me exactly what I wanted. (Even though I was a little unsure of what I wanted myself). I highly recommend her if you're in the market for a new custom layout. She's the tits guys. The cat's pajamas. 

You know what else Kalyn is good for aside from blog design? Recipes. This girl can seriously just stop being so awesome (no don't). I took to the twittersphere Monday night because I needed to cook something Mexican this week and she insta-answered and gave me one of the most delicious ideas: enchiladas. 

Look at them, don't they look so good!?

You know what else was great about Enchilada night? I finally watched The Hobbit. As in the first one. As in my sister bought it for me for my birthday in April and I had never got around to watching it. I'm the worst. However, I have a lot of unanswered questions about this movie.  I read the book when I was 10, so there's a possibility these questions had been answered then but I don't really remember a lot of the book because, again, I was 10.  

1) Why is the Goblin King so much larger than the other goblins? 

2) Why did Gandalf choose Bilbo though? Like actually, why did the Dwarves need a Hobbit? I'm still really unsure about this.

3) Why are those falcons so big? What are they called?

4) How did the tree holding the dwarves and Gandalf not break in half when the Orcs were attacking them? That's pretty unrealistic. 

5) Where did the Orcs come from? Why did we have to add this whole plotline in?

6) How am I still attracted to Martin Freeman even when he's a Hobbit?\

7) How are they all not dead? They fell pretty hard a few times, were pretty much roasted by the Mountain Trolls and don't even get me started on how they managed to get away from the Orcs when they were being chased. When the Orcs were on wolves. And they were on foot

I don't think my incessant line of questioning was appreciated by the other person I watched this with but who cares. #yolo Oh yeah, I wasn't alone for Enchilada night but guess what there are some things I don't blog about. Sorry not sorry. Bye. 

The last thing about my week that was so fantastic was the 90s Alternative kick I've been in. So for today's Back That Azz Up I present some gems I forgot about. 

First up, Stay by Lisa Loeb because Workaholics. (As in I watched Workaholics and they sang this and I died it was so funny.)

Second, we have Third Eye Blind because it is impossible for me to not belt this out whenever I hear it (sorry office). 

Lastly, The Cranberries because it also makes me feel good on a Friday and The Cranberries can do no wrong. 


  1. yay for enchiladas! They look so good!

  2. Awww you are too nice! Those enchiladas are my go to when I don't know what I want to cook (and the first meal I ever cooked for Derek - I still give them some credit as to why he fell in love with me) and they are SO EASY. I had all the same questions too... especially WHY did they NEED a hobbit? Didn't they say they needed a burglar or something?

  3. I can totally relate to some of your Hobbit questions since I, too, read the book about 20 years ago (lol) and just saw the second movie too. I *think* they had to have a hobbit because he is small and can get into places a bit more swiftly than a loud dwarf. Or maybe Gandalf just wanted to give Bilbo something to do. I like how you weren't alone for enchilada night ;)

  4. Holy shit that looks good. I want to know what your slow cooker recipe was! And everything else! And then put all of that in my belly! Nom nom nom.

  5. so many happy feels! a) love the design b) THIRD EYE BLIND c) CHEEEEEESE mexi cheeeeese. d) don't have one, because i never read the hobbit or saw the movie.

  6. But all of the things here look so amazing! The blog, the cheese! Happy weekend!

  7. Lovvvve your blog design (and your face)
    I want those enchiladas (but we all know I hate myself and could never eat something so delightful)
    Also....SF needs to make an appearance sooner than later. #you'rewelcome

    xo fal |

  8. personally, i'm a fan of LOTR, not the hobbit. i read the hobbit in highschool and don't remember much..i am excited to see the desolation of smaug, though.

    love the new design!

    Vodka and Soda

  9. Those enchiladas look so good!!

  10. Oh my god, those turned out so fantastically amazing looking. There may be drool on my keyboard. No judging. Also agree on the Martin Freeman thing- WHY IS?!?!



  11. Love the new design! And I think you should share your enchilada recipe cuz it looks soooo good! Now I'm regretting even more that I forgot about making my enchilada soup today. Now I'll probably have to wait until next weekend. :(