Friday, January 31, 2014

Drama Queen

So maybe I was being a little dramatic yesterday, maybe I wasn't. Who can really judge? But in all honesty, being trapped inside your own mind is physically and emotionally exhausting. Thank god for my therapy session today. Home girl is probably going to get an earful. I am in slightly better spirits today. I have a feeling it's because it's Friday and I have a breakfast meeting at work so that means yum eggs and I get to leave the office. I also made the decision to hit the gym first thing tomorrow morning to get rid of these bingo wings and get fit and have fun (with Hal Johnson and JoAnne McLeod!)

Did I really just throw in a Body Break reference? I did. I think my Canadian readers will be the only ones to understand it.And with that, let's just jump right into The Pit & The Peak with Allie


- I froze my laundry again. Can't make this stuff up people. I need a better laundry system. 

- I got wine drunk alone on Wednesday night and was seriously hungover on Thursday. In all fairness, I didn't think I was going to be alone for it. I'm not an alcoholic. 

- I didn't sign up for MBlog 2014 and now I won't get to see Jenny Lawson speak and I'm so so mad at myself because her book is the funniest thing I've ever read. 

- American Horror Story: Coven ended this week. I have nothing left to live for. 

- Criminal Minds was a repeat. That is garbage. Bring me new episodes so I can fantasize about my life with Dr. Spencer Reid! 

- Brownies was a nightmare this week. I did not sign up to deal with crazy children. Literally crazy, not just ADHD crazy. 


+ Bell Let's Talk Day was a huge success and I want to thank everyone who shared my post. EThe outpouring of support was mind-blowing and really got the dialogue going. Mental illness is no joke. We're now one step closer to a more open and understanding world (in Canada at least)!

+ Tomorrow my baby cousin Holly turns 18 so we're doing a good ol Transcona pub crawl to celebrate. I adore my family and how stereotypical we can be. 

+ I finished the book "Measure of Madness" by Dr. Cheryl Paradis and it was amazing. She's a forensic psychologist and talks about some of her more memorable cases. 

+ I also started reading a book on female serial killers and it's fascinating. Hi, yes, my weirdest guilty pleasure. 

+ Andrea referred to me as the Liam Neeson of the internet and it was possibly the best comment I've ever received in my entire life. If you are on the internet...

+ I made it through 27 tubes on Flappy Bird. 

+ My soccer team went out for drinks after a game finally and it was pure magic. 

+ Super Bowl Sunday is coming up and I cannot waiiiiit! Oh, and because of this, 40% off all ad spots with the code broncos because Seattle can eat a dick. 

That's all she wrote today. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. Don't forget that Sunday is also Lung Leavin' Day and Fal is hosting a "Share Your Fears" link up in honor of Heather! I'm going to leave you with the song that has been in my head ALL WEEK. Enjoy!

Dark Horse (feat. Juicy J) by Katy Perry on Grooveshark



  1. hahahahahahahah your laundry! i told some people at work at how wack the weather has been over in winterpeg and we had a good laugh over your frozen laundry. sorrynotsorry. then they said: so DO you thaw out frozen clothes? i really do hope your weather gets better and your clothes don't get the short end of it anymore.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Super sad about AHS:Coven being over BUT I did love the ending!! Also bummed that next season is supposed to be Circus and since this girl doesn't handle clowns at all, won't be tuning in for that!! Good luck tonight ;) USA USA USA!!

  3. Omg, the Hal Johnson and JoAnne McLeod comment just made my day! That's amazing! Seriously.

    Okay, what happened at the end of that Criminal Minds episode?! I watch the show out of order so I hadn't seen that episode. At the very end of the episode, after the guy was getting his fingerprints taken, my antenna clocked out (I don't have cable. I use an antenna because I'm cool that way). They said there was something off about him. What was off about him?! WHAT?!

  4. Seriously can't stop listening to Dark Horse. SO good. How on earth does one freeze their laundry? That's crazy, I didn't even know that was possible! You should really share more about the crazy kid in Brownies. That would make for a hilarious blog post. Also, we share the same guilty pleasure! I love reading about serial killers and their motives and all that. It's so interesting! I'll have to add Measure of Madness to my reading list :)

  5. I just found your blog thru Allie and I's link up so now I must learn more about this frozen laundry! Love it and happy you linked up so I could find your blog!

  6. Totally got the Body Break reference! Canada FTW!

    Also I, too, was disappointed that CM was a repeat.

  7. ok i have feels on this post 1) team Reid all day long 2) did you flirt with your teammate? 3) how do you not have all the nightmares after reading about killers? i have nightmares from criminal minds even

  8. Why is Dark Horse so addicting?! someone please explain…

  9. But wine drunk is the best drunk, why's that in the pits?

  10. HA! The frozen laundry thing kills me! I must read this book on female serial killers. I've once spent an entire afternoon looking up different serial killers on wikipedia. Wow talk about sounding crazy....

  11. Female serial killers, whaaaaa? What is this book? I'm scarily intrigued.


  12. 27 tubes on Flappy Bird? You are my new hero. I can barely get through 1! What is the secret?

    The little town where I grew up (Chillicothe MO) is semi-famous for being the place where the oldest serial killers in America (a elderly married couple named Ray & Fay Copeland) lived. I remember the trial from when I was a kid, it was so crazy to have it going on in my hometown!