Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My First Big Interview

That title is a bold faced lie but I wanted to entice you to get your butt over here today. 

If there's two things I love it's talking about myself  Erin and link-ups. I creep Erin's blog on the daily and when I saw this Cosmo quiz I just had to jump on the bandwagon. Since I have a stack of Cosmo magazines under my bed up to my tits, it's safe to say I've dreamed of being enough of a celeb to fill one of these puppies out since I was a teeny bopper. I'm not a celeb but here's my opportunity so I'm going to grab it. 

Sit back, grab a glass of wine and get to know me. 

Anything in there tickle your fancy? Should we be friends now? Let me know. Also, fill one of these babies out yourself and link-up with  my girl Erin!

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    also lets go.
    also also better late than preggo? Crying but amen amen amen to that

  2. Haha I really just loved the first paragraph of this post the most. But obviously I would say that. My second favorite part is the one hott mess line. Brilliant.

  3. Um, how about we share those tortilla chips? Ktnx.

    Haha, better late than pregnant. I like call cramps "Congratulations you're not pregnant!" pain.

  4. better late than preggers. amen! i not so secretly like to watch wedding videos over proposal videos, but to each their own i guess

  5. HAHAHAHAH "Ugly cry into a glass of wine while watching proposal videos." This, my friend, is my life.