Monday, December 23, 2013

Festivus: The Airing of Grievances

We all know Seinfeld and if you don't you've clearly been living under a rock for approximately the last two decades. I'm not even going to explain Festivus. You should just know it. If you don't, consider that another disappointment.  

I would like to take this opportunity to let you all know how you have disappointed me this past year.

1. Mom: You forgot to take me out for my birthday dinner for 2 months. 

2. Dad:  You never brought me to Alabama with you. Not even once. 

3. Sarah: You don't bring me home baking. You're a baker. This seems unfair. 

4. Andrea: For taking that year off and going to Australia because now you study too much and I'm no longer in school. 

5. Anna: I was disappointed in you for judging my exploits.

6. Mom & Dad: For not letting me get a dog.  

7. Kristen: For being too busy studying. You and Andrea may as well start a "we care about school more than Melissa so we study" club. 

8. Myself: How could you read GoT spoilers before finishing the books? Now you know what happens at the Red Wedding... idiot. 

9. Brooklyn: You haven't learned to speak yet and I'm getting impatient. 

10. God: You haven't given me Adam Levine yet. 

Now where's my meatloaf?


This is my last day of work until January 2, 2014 (hollaaaa). I probably won't be very present in blogland over the holidays because I want to live in the moment and enjoy them. If I make an appearance then awesome, if not, I will see you in the new year!

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  1. Nooooooo!!! I was waiting for you to read about the red wedding!! Lol you stink bug.

  2. SEINFELD <3 <3 <3 shots to last days of work!

  3. It sounds like a lot of people are asking someone for Adam Levine..

  4. oh, god hasn't given you adam levine yet because HE'S MINE.

    happy holidays!

    Vodka and Soda

  5. hahaha i heart Seinfeld and you for referring to it.

  6. Happy last day of work! My airing of grievances might not be able to publish but I'm still going to draft it :)

  7. Love this idea, just calling everyone out! Haha, so glad I stumbled upon your little section of life here with your blog.

    xo. Kailagh