Monday, December 2, 2013

Catching Fire, Ron Burgundy and a Giveaway!

The weekends seem to be flying by lately. Christmas is most definitely in the air. And I have no good intro to today's post. So let's just jump into it, shall we?
Friday night I had a nice friend date with Anna. We went to see Catching Fire finally! GAHHH I just love J-Law. And Josh Hutcherson. Just gimme Josh Hutcherson for Christmas please he's so adorable I just wanna pinch his cheeks. But seriously, having read the books, I was curious how the movie was going to turn out and it was damn near perfect. I also now love Finnick more than I did when I read the books because whoever the actor was who played him was seriously smokin'.


Saturday was basically a miracle. It's the busiest retail season of the year and Stacey and Ashley both magically had it off. I was pretty shocked. So naturally, we went to the mall. I'm sure they loved being there on their day off. Courtney even got to join us sans-Brooklyn so it was a wonderful girls day. They don't happen often anymore. Being adults is the poops.

I also discovered that all the best Investigation Discovery shows are now streaming on Netflix so basically all my free time this weekend was spent watching "Deadly Women", "Wicked Attraction", "Cold Blood" and "Nightmare Next Door". I even freaked out my grandmother with my knowledge of poisoning as a means of murder.

Sunday was spent out in Oakbank with my cousin Jamie. We went hot-tubbing with one of our younger cousins. People don't believe me when I say that it could be -15 and I will still run through the snow covered deck barefoot to hot tub it. But we did. And it was relaxing. See? Proof.

But the biggest news on Sunday has nothing to do with me or my life. It has to do with Roar of the Rings. What's that you ask? Why it's the qualifying curling tournament for the Olympics! That means that all the best curling teams in Canada are in Winnipeg this week to fight for the right to represent Canada in Sochi. Sunday was the opening ceremonies and we had a very special guest. None other than Mr. Ron Burgundy. Winnipeggers went wild and he was absolutely hilarious. He made fun of Vic Rauter which had me in stitches cause I'm a great big curling nerd. 

Also, according to Ron, Winnipeg in Latin means "beautiful hill country where the arctic hare jumps around in leather boots". Sounds true.

Stay Classy, Winnipeg!

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It's time for a holiday giveaway! When Rachael invited me to take part I had to say yes. 1) Because I love her more than words. 2) Because I love giving you the opportunity to win things! So enter away, because someone has to win :)

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  1. I'm all about the hot-tub life!! And yay giveaway!!!

  2. uh that hot tub looks fantastic
    also - I watch those shows all the time - sometimes I find myself thinking "I could commit the perfect crime" then the next second I realize "man, that sounded creepy, no more" hahaha

  3. oh and ps catching fire YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I was so excited I had to get up and pee TWICE...geeze.
    I was really nervous about how they were going to pack the whole book into the movie - but dang if they didn't do a good job! someone in the theatre complained about how long the movie was - uh shut it, this is amazeballs and I will watch it for 4 hours if it was that long!!

  4. OK. Hi. He is sexy and I wouldn't mind matchng with him on the tind.

  5. Yay! Starbucks! Oh and I love him! ahhhhh.

  6. Hot tubbing sounds pretty awesome right now. I'm glad you enjoyed your girls day!

  7. Hot tubbing in the snow is the tits. I love it