Monday, November 18, 2013

Santa Claus Parade and a Linkup Announcement

*insert sarcastic monday hating comment here*

My weekend was busy and for that I am so tired this morning. 

I had to work Saturday but it was the best day of my life. I was in the Winnipeg Santa Claus Parade! It was one of the funnest Saturdays I've had in weeks. My office sponsored the parade and put in a float which we built ourselves. It turned out pretty great if I do say so myself. We spent the majority of the afternoon putting it together and then ate pizza and loved life. 
I seriously adore everyone I work with. Like actually. No joke. I feel like I won the office lottery. 

Spending my Saturday with them didn't feel like work. Plus, once the parade got going and i saw how excited all the kids lining the streets were, it was completely worth it. (And let's be honest, I would have just watched Netflix all day anyway so this got me out of bed at least.) 


Saturday night I got home and was completely exhausted so I watched The Call. It was actually 100 times better than I expected it to be and I have a new respect for 911 operators. Plus my girl Halle B. is a bad ass.

Sunday I had a cousin date with Jamie. Which involved Applebees, Caesars and a whole lot of gossip.

Sunday night I "hungout" with Fallon. Video chat might be the world's greatest invention. Snapchat would come right after that. 

I'm about to get a little bit mushy up in here so I'll give you 5 seconds to gtfo if you would like.

Okay 5 seconds up. 

I just want to express my sincere appreciation of all that is blogland. Honestly, when I started out, I had no idea I would meet so many interesting people and learn as much as I have. Without my little corner of the internet I never would have met my 4 blog besties: Fallon, Rachael and Rachel

Some people don't understand when I say I have blog friends. As Fallon's grandma so lovingly put it "Are you talking to your internet friends?". Yes, I have internet friends. Yes, they are real people. No, I am not being catfished. Yes, it is completely possible to make friends via the internet. E-mails progress to texting progress to videochatting and eventually to one epic road trip to meet IRL. 

My parents ask me if I'm "chatting to with those American friends of yours". I am. And because I live in Canada, I never would have met these Americans without my blog. It has opened me up to a world I didn't even know existed. 

These girls are supportive, hilarious and we just clicked. So I love you ladies and our group chats because without them my day would be ever so boring. 


How was your weekend?

Sami's Shenanigans 


E-harmony, Tinder, OkCupid,, etc. etc. We've all tried them. Come on, don't lie. You've at least dabbled a little bit if you're single. Rachael, Rachel and I are pretty much the Queens of online dating disasters so naturally we want to hear your stories, too! Misery loves company amirite? 

On Thursday we will be hosting the Match Made In Hell linkup so grab the button and share your story! We can't wait to hear them. 


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  1. Yay for Santa Claus Parade's! We had ours on Sunday but unfortunately it was way too windy to go to!

    Mmm.. I love caesar's!


    Your American twin,
    › xo fal •

  3. Ho ho ho. Merry Mushmas? Yeah dont know either. I just know that I have to pee but I can't leave all my stuff left to be stolen at the library. Why do mondays suck mucho!?!?
    love you. we rock this blog land away!!!!

    Also I need to join this damn video chat. NEXT WEEK. Promise.


  5. Your work float is so cool and it sounds like a great experience!

  6. Sounds like a fun weekend. And oh jeeze... I am the perfect writer for that linkup. I've tried all the dating sites and I've been on some crazy, scary, horrible dates. Some men are such jerks haha! I can't wait to read everyone's stories.

  7. When my fiance asks about my day, I often tell him what I did and then trail off into "omg so I saw on so-and-sos today blah blah blah" and I forget that they aren't people that I actually know in person.. and if he didn't do the same thing about youtube video gamers, he would think I was crazy lol. I love blogging and all the lovely people out there that I get to meet and learn about :)

    Jamie @
    The Growing Up Diaries

  8. I love you so so much you little coconut muffin head, and I'm adding your button to my sidebar now!