Friday, November 22, 2013

Canadian Things

Being a Canadian in a sea of American bloggers means there are a lot of things they either don't know/don't understand about life in Winnipeg or Canada in general. Over the last week or so, these things have come to my attention through group chats and video chats and I decided that for today's 5 on Friday, I would let y'all know 5 things about Winnipeg/Canada. 


I'm sorry, but I was like poop your pants shocked when I found out that Fallon some Americans have no idea what it is. Uhm HI. It's what I assume heaven tastes like. This French Canadian dish is basically a national treasure. We even have entire restaurants (see: Smoke's Poutinerie) dedicated to different kinds of poutine (proper pronunciation is poo-tin). 

2. Weather

It really does get cold in Winnipeg. Fallon's face was priceless when I told her we don't get snow days unless there's a major blizzard and it's colder than -50C. To be fair things probably wouldn't even shut down then. I've never seen a mall here close due to weather. Apparently Kansas is filled with pansies. She looked shocked when I told her that I'm used to -40C. Big deal. Just throw on your toque, Jets gloves and parka and you're set!

3. Flow

I use it to refer to guys with longer hair. Hockey players, Football players, Soccer players... you get the idea. "He's got some nice flow going on". Apparently, my American counterparts use flow to describe everyone's favorite monthly visitor. Ew. 

4. Grand Forks, North Dakota

Winnipeggers LOVE driving down to North Dakota for weekend shopping trips. It's only 3 hours to Grand Forks. It's sweet. But some Americans don't even know where Grand Forks is... How do you not know your own country!? "It would be cheaper for me to drive to Grand Forks and fly to Chicago from there!" "...." "Uhm, do you not know where Grand Forks is?" "Nope." "Dude... North Dakota... learn your ish.. it's your country". 

5. Distance

Contrary to what they think, everywhere in Canada isn't magically an hour away from Toronto. Winnipeg is a solid 24 hour drive to Toronto. The look of confusion pretty much made my night when I had to explain that. And how it's faster to drive through the United States to get there. It's the lakes I tell ya...

That's all I have for you today. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Last week I introduced you to my blogging bestie Fallon. A few days ago I got all mushy and told you about my blog girls. So today you get to meet Rachael! She blogs over at Pretty in Pink and she's adorable. This Ohio girl always has the nicest things to say and she's super supportive. I love her to pieces. I asked her some questions that she so kindly answered. 

1. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because one of my sorority sisters did and I thought it was cool. HAHA Seriously, that's why!  I didn't know it would be such an awesome creative outlet and that I would fall in love with the blogging community.

2. What's your favorite part of blogging?

My favorite is two fold: first, I love being able to write.  I've loved it since I was little and having a space to do it is so rewarding.  I love the friends I make on here, too.  Especially our group texts with you, Rach and Fall. I love you girls so much!

3. Why did you choose to join a sorority?

I wanted to join a sorority because I have never had a sister and I really wanted to develop that connection with other women in college.  I'm so, so grateful for it and really have enjoyed my experiences in Alpha Phi thus far.

4. What do you plan on doing once you graduate from college?

Once I graduate, I'm going to be a teacher!  I will probably be moving to Orlando area, Atlanta area, or NYC. Big things are happening!

5. What is one thing you want most for Christmas?

I'm going to Utah for a ski trip!  That's my Christmas and graduation gift from my parents because it's pretty expensive to go there.  

6. Who is your celebrity girl crush?

I love Blake Lively.  She is soooo pretty!

7. Share some of your favorite posts with us!

Guys To Stay Away From (my personal favorite of the bunch!)

I also asked Rach to pick today's #BackThatAzzUp track so enjoy and hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)

The Remedy (I Won't Worry) by Jason Mraz on Grooveshark

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  1. "flow" hilarious.
    we definitely use it for our monthly friend here hahaha
    and that food looks amazing!

  2. i love rachael!! also although i'm canadian, i have never had poutine :( *sheepishly gives back canadian badge*

    Vodka and Soda

  3. So I am kinda stoked you name dropped me so much today.
    Does that make me famous? I fucking hope so.

    › xo fal •

  4. all i know about Canada i learned from how i met your mother. sorry?

  5. Thanks for showing me loverbug! Also, I just don't trust poutine IT SEEMS GROSS.

  6. of Canada's greatest accomplishments!

    I've never heard 'flow' used here on the East Coast! In high school we would call it "hockey hair" but I don't ever remember hearing long hair called 'flow'!

  7. I freaking LOVE the remedy. Such a feel good song. Also Poutine/ The name it self sounds sketchy. #Justthrowitinthebag (aka bring it to our eventual blog meetup)

  8. #5 made me laugh really hard!!!

  9. Love, love, love this! I am from BC and I totally get where you are coming from. Oh and #5 is the best.