Thursday, November 28, 2013

Quick, Canada, Now's Our Chance!

My fellow Canadians today is special because it's American Thanksgiving, so now is our chance to take over blogland!


Now that I've gotten that out of my system...

Today I want to introduce all you lovely (Canadian) ladies to my new obsession (sorry fellas you might want to tap out today, or stick around if you need gift ideas I suppose). I love painting my nails. Love it. Am I good at it? Not particularly but that's what a q-tip dipped in acetone is for. So I'm obsessed with buying nail polish. Except that ish can get expensive because I have a particular love for higher-end brands. Essie is 100% my favorite and I will one day own ALL THE COLORS. But I also like Butter London and NCLA. I don't make enough to indulge in these regularly.

Enter my favorite website: Nail Polish Canada. Just an fyi, I was not asked to do this, I just love them this much that I needed to share.

Nail Polish Canada is amazing because they have a lovely "Hot Deals" section where they discount a bunch of the polish, thus allowing me to afford my favorite brands. It ships through Canada Post and I'm not lying when I say I usually get it the next day. Oh and did I mention shipping is free with no minimum? Yeah. AWESOME.

They are having a crazy Black Friday sale right meow. Safe to say I'm stocking up even though I really don't need to. You should probably go check it out. Cause it's the bomb.

That's all for today!

Happy Thanksgiving to my American loves and Happy Normal Thursday to everyone else!

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  1. I laughed at the intro to this. That was great. Thank you for the laugh. :D

    My favourite website has to be Dynamite. I love their clothes! I may have just bought stuff on their site (again) because everything online is 30% off right now, with free shipping, until tomorrow! I sound like an ad. lol.

  2. This is fantastic :) and I now blame you for introducing me to ways of acquiring more Essie nail polishes... you enabler. Oooh!!! They have the coloue I've been looking for!!!! Ahhh!!!!

  3. you forgot lumberjacks, crack smoking mayors, SORRY! LOL

    Vodka and Soda

  4. Hahaha...excellent...hurray team Canada!

  5. Another member of Team Canada!!!
    Also, now I will be spending my entire paycheque at this website...thanks!