Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Okay, I've calmed down.

Sorry for being 50 shades of psycho yesterday. Just a great big clustereff of emotions hit me and yeah. We're good now. Pro tip, don't go off your meds. Just sayin'.

Moving on. 

I'm going to assume we all know about NaNoWriMo right? Come on really guys?

Okay well FYI it's National Novel Writing Month. It just so happens that I have some really talented friends and one of them wrote a novel. Uh WHAT? Crazy! So proud of this girl. But for the time being she has to remain anonymous. Anyway, she has inspired me and so I'm going to straight up dedicate this month to writing and nothing else. Peace out Netflix (pfft yeah right). My hope is to get a novel started, not finished. Ain't nobody got time I don't have time to plot, develop characters, be creative and write a whole novel in one month. So I'm going to at least flesh out a plot, some chapters and all that ish. 

I'm also up to my tits in work this week so unless I magically schedule posts for the rest of the week after Brownies tonight (which I doubt), I thoroughly apologize for the lack of interesting crap on the blog. But also not because work is important y'all so maybe just leave my blog alone this week... maybe.


  1. "Up to my tits" I am dying. Lmao.
    Also, glad you're in a better mood. I was going to have to #hashtagslap you across the face.
    Over Skype of course.
    Ps. We might have to reschedule our Google Hangout. My RL friend is coming down to see me.
    And I haven't seen her in forevaaaa. #FallonHasFriends?

    › xo fal • falfindshappiness.blogspot.com

    1. I know right! The humor in your words is amazing :D
      I love your blog , keep it up ;)


  2. QUICK WITH THE NETFLIX AND EFFING WRITE ALREADY! Kidding. don't ever quit netflix.

  3. I tried for so so long to do NaNoWriMo but I got stuck after half a chapter. It's so much work to do in a month and really overwhelming! Good luck!

    And I try to go off my meds at least once a month and it always ends badly... when will I learn!?

  5. I have written 8 words for NaNoWriMo so far. I don't know what I was thinking when I thought to myself "this will be the year I write a novel in a month!" because it won't be, like you said Netflix. Glad you're having a better day than yesterday! :)

  6. I completely admire your dedication to wanting to write a novel! I really, really want to write one too but I always make excuses to avoid sitting down and getting started on one. I hope you finish yours!

  7. Yaaaay! I'm happy you decided to do this! What's you're info on NaNo? I want to follow you.