Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Gears Are Ground Hard

This week has been a write-off entirely. Work is crazy hectic and by the time I get home I want to do nothing but lay in bed. The best part of my week so far was my Google Hangout with Fallon and Rachael. Seriously made my week. Love those girls. 

I was waiting for like a half hour before they logged on...

Anyway, I've been in a less than stellar mood all week which means I don't have time for useless crap. The following are things that are really grinding my gears right now:

1. Boys

You text me, so I respond right away, and then you never text back. Look bud I have no time for games. If you want to talk, then answer my texts. If you want to talk but don't have time, then wait til you do have time before starting a conversation. If you don't want to talk, then why bother even texting me in the first place. #overit

2. Crappy Winnipeg drivers

I'm dreading the first snow since people lately can't even handle the roads as it is. Also, just because it gets dark maybe ONE HOUR earlier than before, does not give you the right to start driving like an asshole. And turn your brights off in the city douchers. 

3. People who don't understand how to read

Oh hi that sign says (insert name of my company) only? Well then by all means go ahead and park there. DOUCHE CANOES. Reserved 24/7 means gtfo of my parking spot or I WILL have you towed.

4. Candy Crush

Seriously, an entire month stuck on one level? Ain't nobody got time for that.  

5. Pants

I swear Satan himself invented them. Why can't I just wear sweatpants to work? I'd even be okay with leggings. Screw you women's dress pants for digging into my tummy.

6. Technology

Our server crashed at the end of last week. That was fun. We had no connection to any data, photos or information for almost a week. While I was trying to put together the annual report. So you tell me how that went... It ended up with me drinking a butt ton of wine every evening that's for sure. 


I'll be back full force in the blogging game tomorrow. I'm no longer a stressball. 


  1. OH pretty girl, love you so much! I hate boys too. Yesterday was the highlight of my week. xoxo

  2. Douche Canoes? Um yes. Why are we so similar! I hate boys and candy crush levels (i've been stuck for MONTHS...beat that.) Yes. Leggings are my babies ;) and technology? Eff em. Let's get all positive and rainbows and ponies goin!

  3. you just used douche canoe and it made me smile. now go take off your pants and drink wine.... the work day is almost over. (that sounded really sexual and it wasn't intended to be... I don't think?)

  4. Douche Canoe is my new favourite way to describe a person.

    I HIGHLY recommend Reitman's dress pants, they have the best waist bands that are kind of elasticy, but not in an obnoxious way, they're life changing.

  5. Are we having the same week? I'm fairly certain we are.

  6. Our Skype sessions + Google Hangouts keep me sane. And we've only had two. Maybe that's what is really wrong with me. #TheresProbablyMore

    Loves you.
    › xo fal •