Friday, November 1, 2013

Chocolate Hangover Commences

Halloween is over and I feel a little bit dejected today. I'm going to need this weekend to recuperate before I launch myself head first into Christmas because I already miss Halloween. For those of you who don't follow me on Instagram here is my yard. It gets a little bit bigger every year and the cemetery is a nice new addition!

I stayed home to hand out candy and count how many kids I scared. It was pretty awesome. Kids started bypassing my house in terror. I counted 12 this year that either cried, screamed or wouldn't set foot in my yard without a parent. That's more than double last year. WHOOP.

My friends Anna and Andrew came over and we watched The Conjuring. And then Anna decided to put this on for some reason...

She also decided it was completely necessary to name my blood soaked mannequin so everyone meet Julianna (apparently). 

This is why I love this girl. She's just as strange as me. 

Anyway, the three of us watched a movie, ate some delish cupcakes and brownies and decided we wanted to go ghost hunting soon. So St. Andrews cemetery we're comin' for you. 

How was your Halloween? Anybody else get wine chocolate wasted last night?

I'll leave you with one last spooky tune to officially close off Halloween this year. 


  1. Woohoo! I'm following you on Instagram now!

    Did you like The Conjuring? It wasn't bad but I think Insidious is better. Mmm.. cupcakes and brownies.

  2. a) love the tune b) i would never watch that movie c) good god your place is frightening

  3. What did you think of The Conjouring? I wasn't as scared as everyone made it sound.

  4. Sorry I suck as a bloggy BFF and I'm just now getting around to this.
    PS. If your house was in my neighborhood (that would be a bloggy BFF dream come true) I would probably have pissed myself as I drove by and went to church and prayed that Jesus would save me, again.

    › xo fal •

  5. The Conjuring left me numb . I can still feel it!!!!!!!