Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Beerfest 2013

Linking up a day late because YOLO.

My weekend was shenanigan filled. For once I put a long weekend to good use and surrounded myself with people. Real ones. Not fictional television ones. 

I honestly don't know what I did on Friday night so we're gonna skip right over that. 

Saturday night was a gong show that I was not going to participate in but then of course, it's Beerfest, so how could I say no? We rolled into Mike & Mel's once the beer festivities had already begun and had every intention of being spectators and judges. Pffft. What was I thinking? Stacey felt like butt after what I assume was an intense game of beer triathlon so I tapped in. Big mistake. 

This was a legit tournament guys.

Between Mushroom, Quarters, Triathlon and Pong, I drank way too much beer. Bloaty McGee over here. And we didn't win so that was the poops. It was a good night though. Except for my intense allergic reaction to their cats which landed me in bed all the next day and I couldn't go to Liz's baby shower. #whompwhomp
I really like that crowd. They're all winners.

we're really good at Mushroom

this accurately sums up the whole night. 

Sunday was supposed to be an adventure with Anna. We were supposed to go ghost hunting but then we realized it was -20C so we opted for Starbucks and painting our nails instead. Fair trade off I say. 

Monday was my favorite. Anna needed to buy a new phone because her dinosaur, aka blackberry, really needed to gtfo our life. We were super pumped when we got to the phone store and she gives her two pieces of I.D and the biotch had an expired license. Who doesn't pay their license since August!??! Anna. That's who. SO no big, we'll just go to Autopac in the mall (where we were) and pay it right? WRONG. Autopac is closed for Remembrance Day. So we have to drive all the way back to her house to pick up her passport. Cool she bought me Starbucks for the trouble so I didn't care. We go back to the phone place and she completely perpetuated her stereotype (being blond) and I loved her for it. Except the guy selling the phone was legitimately worried she was going to crack her screen the second she touched it and felt really uncomfortable that she wouldn't buy an Otterbox. I laughed. I don't think she found it as funny. 

While we waited for all her paperwork to go through we began discussing our apartment, obviously, and we think we're gonna go with a Harry Potter theme. And on our bedroom doors will be our Houses. I will obviously be Ravenclaw because I have some serious knowledge in my brain and we all know that "Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure". 

Anyway, I also got my eyebrows threaded. Erin was completely correct when she said it's impossible to cry but it is also 100% worth it. I never want to do my own eyebrows ever again.

So in a nutshell, that was my weekend. I had every intention of loading y'all up on some lonely girl boy drams today but decided nah better not. Not worth my time.

 Hope everyone had a good long weekend :)

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  1. Cat allergies are never fun. Now you know to drug yourself up with allergy medicine before going to their house!

    Ghost hunting sounds like fun! That temperature though, does not. Yuck. Definitely a fair trade off!

  2. you probs spend friday night with fictional ones, that's cool too though ;)

  3. Dying from these pictures. Oh so sober Melissa in THA HOUUUUUUUSE.

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