Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?

I need to start off today by letting you all know that Fallon is not as nice or innocent as she seems. She just called me a twatsicle. RUDE.

Moving on. 

I just discovered a blog the other day and instantly fell in love. Everyone, say hi to JASMINE! (Hi Jasmine.)

So today I'm linking up with Jasmine & Kailyn to discuss one of my favorite things ever: Halloween Movies! To be fair, I don't just watch them on Halloween, which if you've been around these parts you already know. But for anyone new here, I adore all things Horror. It's also really hard to scare me now. I used to be a neurotic little nutcase when it came to scary movies but ever since I was put on anxiety medication: zilch, nada, zip. My doctor tells me that's the point of these meds, to not be an anxiety ridden freak, but it still kind of sucks. There have been a few close calls where I think I'm going to be poop my pants scared but then it doesn't happen and I'm like, ugh, what is this? (Not that I didn't poop my pants, that came out wrong, that I didn't get terrified). But the closest so far has been The Conjuring. Holla James Wan for creating a horror classic in the making. 

Anyway, so here in a not specific order are my favorites to watch year after year. I really do spend about a month every Halloween cramming these classics into my schedule. Good thing I'm single.

First, press play, it'll set the mood.

The Craft

It made me want to be a witch so bad. To the point where I actually started looking into Wicca because I truly believed I could do magic if I tried hard enough. Also, don't tell me you didn't try "Light as a feather, Stiff as a board".
Between this and Harry Potter I'm pretty sure I'm lucky I didn't jump off my roof thinking I could fly or something.

Halloweentown (All 4)

Okay my childhood in a nutshell. My sister and I still watch these together every year. Don't tell me you didn't wish you were a Cromwell... And that you didn't crush on goblin Luke hard.

Hocus Pocus

Everything. Everything about this movie. The Sanderson Sisters, the creep level for a kids movie, come little children. And hi, also my first love Max.

Halloween (1978)

This was actually the movie that started it all for me. It is a a masterpiece. What gets me every time is the simplicity of Michael. The mask is plain and he walks everywhere. No matter where you go or how fast you run, he will get you. John Carpenter is a legend in my eyes.


The best thing about this movie (and the rest of the series) is that it is self-aware. It knows it's a horror movie and the characters themselves try and outdo the stereotype, while ultimately meeting their end anyhow. Plus, Sidney is kick-ass. Girl lives and she lives good. Also, how ridic was it when you realized it was Matthew Lillard and Skeet Ulrich. Mind blown!

Now, what are your favorite classics to watch on Halloween? Let me know!

The Jasmine Maria


  1. I am dying.

    xo fal • falfindshappiness.blogspot.com

  2. GAH! Love all of this! I've only seen bits and pieces of The Craft, but since it's on here, I guess I must watch it now :)

  3. HALLOWEENTOWN! AHHHHH I love those movies!
    and the craft for the win!
    oh my gosh I can't do super scary movies - they scare me, hahaha I know that's the point but I get SUPER scared ha.

  4. This list pretty much sums it up for me. The original Halloween series will always be number one in my book for horror films, but all of these are movies I can't pass up watching anytime they're on. And I happen to be watching Scream right this moment :)

    Jamie @
    The Growing Up Diaries

  5. AHHH I forgot all about "The Craft" another one of my favorite.

  6. haha so I read the whole post and all I can think of is twatsicle. Thank you for that!

  7. I love The Craft and Scream is my favorite!