Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thanksgiving Coma

Hello dolls.

I'm linking up with Sami a day late because over here in Canada it was Thanksgiving this past weekend! That means I didn't have to work yesterday, muahaha, #suckers. 


Finally had the chance to head out to Beausejour to visit Courtney in her new digs. Brooklyn seems to love their new little house and I must admit even though she now lives further away than I would like, it's a cute little house. 

Courtney took us out to her mom's farm and boy were Ashley, Stacey and myself the epitome of city girls. "OH MY GOD NATURE!" Really though, it was absolutely breathtaking. They had horses, donkeys, chickens, ducks, goats, cats and the most adorable dogs. And did I mention that a river flows right on their property? Thanks Courtney for HIDING THIS BEAUTY FROM US. Our whole friendship is possibly a lie.

Photo Dump:

Brooklyn is in love with horses

cutest little dogs!

I love this little girl more than life

Fun on the farm outfit. Standard blogger picture.

My loves: Ashley, Stacey, Courtney & Brooklyn xoxo

oh hey this is just courtney's own backyard #jealous

Anyway, after fun farm times we went to dinner at Country Bumpkins (I can't make this stuff up) and it was the cutest little country diner type restaurant. 

It makes my heart warm to see my friends moving on in life to bigger and better things, and I'm so so happy for Courtney and Jason for taking this next step in life. They're already great parents and I can't wait to see Brooklyn grow up in such a happy, loving home. 


I read a whole book. Like one whole book in a matter of hours because I did not get out of bed until 4:30 pm. #bestsaturdayever

Andrea and I had a cute little date night kind of. Delicious Indian buffet for dinner and then we went and watched Eric's hockey game and they won! Yay for my Transcona boys! We also hit up Value Village and got the majority of our Halloween costumes finished. Cannot wait to reveal that next weekend. 


Day one of Thanksgiving festivities. Om Nom Nom. So much turkey and so much pumpkin pie. Loved it. Plus my family is hilarious and to spare the gory details there were a lot of turkey baster jokes because save 1 or 2 of us, all my cousins and I are single and not getting married/having babies any time soon. 

I also had to witness my Saints be defeated for the first time this season and it was such a joke. Five seconds left in the game. FIVE EFFING SECONDS! They almost had it and I was so happy and then BOOM. Over. Curse you Tom Brady and your stupid patriots! Next time...

But then The Walking Dead started again so it kiiind of made up for it just a little bit. Here's to hoping for more Zombies and less talky talky this season. Also, bring back The Governor! I miss that one-eyed psycho. I have such a love/hate relationship for him.


Monday was a little bit perfect. I had brunch with my sister and Jamie and then we went back to my hizzle for a little cuddle sesh. Thirteen Ghosts and my onesie, while Sarah baked brownies for dinner that night. Pure love. 

Then it was off to Oakbank for dinner numero dos and it was delicioso! I love my cousins so much it's unbelievable. I'm absolutely blessed to have the family that I do.

Sorry for the novel but I had such a busy weekend for once :) !

I hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Hi Fellow Canadian Blogger! You are my link up neighbour on the WS link up:) It sounds like you had a great wknd! We did too:)