Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Office Life: Welcome to the Creepshow

When I saw that Helene and Sarah were doing a Halloween linkup I got pretty excited naturally. Then I realized I've already talked about costumes and movies so what the heck was I supposed to write about!? Then I saw that it could be a scary story. So I decided I would introduce you all to my office aka the creepiest building I've ever been in.

My building is in Downtown Winnipeg and it's either close to 100 years old or more. I don't even want to know what went down here, if ever. It's also pretty important to know that a lot of old buildings connect to others via the basement. Creepy corridors that lead to other businesses. Yay. The Exchange District is worse though because there are legit dungeons in their basements from when the jails were down there. I digress.

My office is one of those places that you never want to be found alone in. That very thing happened to me on Friday. I spent the entire afternoon feeling uneasy and I actually refused to leave my desk. I could hear noises in the basement: shuffling, footsteps, banging and clanging. All I could think was okay cool, Mr. Ghost or Serial Killer please go away.

A guy I work with starts early some mornings and he heard the same things from the basement and there was no one else in the office so safe to say he nope-d right out of there.

Even as I write this, we are having some strange happenings. The lights are flickering and we can hear electrical surges. This building hates me and does not want me to reveal its secrets. It probably doesn't help that I watched Final Destination 5 last night. This is how I die you guys, this is it.

Yesterday, we decided to go on an adventure and document the basements to show you how creepy they are. We have 3 separate basements. One for the boiler room out back, one in our boardroom, and one in the main office. Let's look, shall we?

Basement 1: Main Office

This is the doorway to the main office basement. Looks super inviting doesn't it?

Sometimes, the fan turns on too. Cool. Also the lights have been known to come on when someone has turned them off. I have to go down here to get things often and I hate going alone. 

 Basement 2: Boiler Room (by far the creepiest of the bunch)

To get to the boiler room, first you have to go through the locked barbed wire fence. Why barbed wire? Who are they trying to keep out.. or in?

Next you need to lift the creaky cellar door. to get to the crumbling stone steps. Yeah this isn't horror movie at all.
We made a male go first because he had the key but also because I didn't want to be the first to die. 

Oh look it's the room from my nightmares. Freddy, you there? Torture chamber for sure. And the light doesn't work so it just kind of hangs there and is probably like "dude, I don't work for a reason, get out of here".

At the back of the torture room is a giant hole in the ceiling. Is this where they drop the dead bodies to burn in the furnace? That's my theory. I also half expected a bat to come flying out, because that has happened in the boardroom. (Yeah we had a bat in the boardroom, so basically I'm living a horror movie). 

Salvation, we finally get to leave. But watch your step these stairs are crumbly and steep. This was also after one of my coworkers scared the bejeebus out of us by busting through the door while we were beside the boiler. THANKS FOR THAT. 

 Basement 3: Boardroom Basement 

Things are covered in plastic that I will never ever rip off ever because there is for sure a serial killer hiding in it. 

We then open a door to find this chair sitting there all nonchalant like. By itself. Facing the door. NOPE. Brittany actually ran away at that point. 

The best part.. the corridor. It connects to other businesses and haunts my dreams. Why would you ever want to willingly walk through this doorway? 

Positive no one has cleaned this staircase since 1975. I also refuse to walk up those stairs. 

Graffiti hall. This is the worst because there is no light, you need a flashlight or you know, flash on your phone, to light it up. I honestly don't even know who can access this hall so I have no idea who draws on the walls and I'd prefer to just not know. My friend was brave and ventured down the corridor but my other friend and I took a hard pass on that one. 

So there you have it. I actually think it's pretty cool that our office is so old, gives it character. And it's a pretty good story most of the time. Because creepy stuff is always happening. For the record I know it's probably not haunted but it makes for a better story than me just being paranoid.  

But I'm actually freaking out a bit right now because the electrical surges have progressed from one corner of the office to the whole office. And lights are starting to burn out and we are being plunged into darkness. 

This might be goodbye.

UPDATE: We had the lights fixed. I'm still here.

Helene in Between


  1. So the boiler room is terrifying. But I think it is more terrifying that you watched final destination 5, I CANNOT watch those movies. Way too real, way too scary.

  2. Excuse me ma'am, I need you to be alive. So please find a new place of employment. Stat.
    xo fal •
    designated bloggy bff.

  3. ooohhh no lights out!? and yes those basements do look kinda creepy!!

  4. Where the heck do you work!? That looks SO creepy! Were the lights really flickering? If they were, that's terrifying. If they weren't, you're a good story teller.

    Stay safe! And yay indeed for a fellow Canadian blogger. :)

  5. I think that is really creepy girl.... lol

  6. Wow, I could never work there.

  7. I want to explore your building ! I started doing a history of it a long time ago but got bogged down because not only do I have to write about the building and businesses in it but also Club M, which could make a couple of blog posts in itself. I'll go back and find it in my drafts folder - maybe I can dig up some cool stories to make it seem less creepy !

  8. It looks like a real horror movie scene . I'm far terrified !!!!!!!!!!

  9. Holy cow. And I thought my link-up post made me look brave!! I could not walk down those boiler room stairs without crying. Good for you!
    The Baby Giraffe