Monday, October 21, 2013

Long Live Looking Like An Idiot

Monday again. Not even a little mad about it. I was ready for work this week, so bring it on.

I mentioned on Friday that I was hitting up a Halloween social on Saturday night and was going as the bird lady from Mary Poppins. It was nice to finally have an excuse to look homeless. 

I think I just realized why I'm still single...

All my friends loved it. Because I probably made them look about 200 times better. But really, even my male friends were like ya you legit look homeless well done. Because I have some really awesome friends. 

So anyway, at the social, the majority of the girls were basically this...

Which got me thinking... Why? No really. I get that most girls do this, because they're like yeah let's wear lingerie and put on animal ears and be super hot and have guys ogle our chest. But why? Isn't the point of Halloween to be able to be someone else, and to go all out and be a character and not be judged? Why would I just throw on cat ears and meow all night when I could go around throwing bird seed at people and  make people laugh. I love making people laugh. And the best is when they are laughing with you and not at you. Because although you (I) might be dressed in a ridiculous costume, people love it because I took the risk of looking like an idiot and they're like "this girl really doesn't care and that's awesome" (legit quote here guys, legit quote). 

Oh sure, I have totally dressed up as the sexy Indiana Jones or whatever but I did not have fun. And the attention was lame. 

Newsflash, I want a guy who's going to laugh and appreciate the confidence I have to go out in public looking homeless, or dressed as a bird, or whatever it is I choose to wear. And I want him by my side looking just as crazy and not giving a f*&#. 

I'm so over the expectation that you're supposed to look slutty on Halloween. Guess what girls, any guy that's only going to talk to you when you're half naked isn't worth your time. It's way more fun to have fun with yourself and your friends and make some memories. 

I've posted some of these photos before, but seriously, look how many effs I do not give when it comes to Halloween and costume parties. 

Long live looking like an idiot. 

Sami's Shenanigans


  1. Making some one laugh is so much better! I love all those costumesn especially the colorful first one! Were you a bird?

  2. I. Freaking. Love. You.
    And yes, Skype this week. Pleaseee <3

    xo fal •

  3. i love that you give zero effs when it comes to sluty costumes. they are for the birds... which you would know since you throw them the seeeeeeds.

  4. Your costumes are freaking amazing! I love these!
    Britt @ One&20