Thursday, October 24, 2013

I Asked, She Said Yes

Yesterday was a big day you guys. Yesterday was the day I found myself a future roommate! Six or so months from now, I will be moving out of my parents house and into an apartment with one of my best friends, Anna. I asked her officially yesterday if she was in and she said yes. So begins our biggest adventure together. I've known Anna Banana since I was 16. She's a real trooper for still being my friend after all these years because I'm weird and crazy.

So everyone, meet Anna!

Alright so taking these pictures into consideration it seems that we have both had all the hair colors under the sun and it makes it seem like all we do is drink. WE DON'T. I swear... ahem. I also don't know how to open my eyes in pictures or not make stupid faces so yeah. Moving on. 

In honor of this very exciting news, here is "How To Find The Perfect Roommate". 

1. Pick someone you're comfortable around. 

This might seem like an obvious one, but seriously, think about it. You're gonna have to share a bathroom. Think to yourself: "Is this someone I can poop around?" And also, "Am I okay not wearing pants around them?" And finally, "Will they judge me for stuffing this whole burger in my mouth?"

2. Find a personality that matches yours

Do they like to party all day err day and you like to stay in? That's not gonna end well. Find someone with a similar lifestyle to yours otherwise you're just going to seriously rattle each other. Anna and I are just lucky we are both super lame we'd both rather watch a Criminal Minds marathon with a glass of wine and a pizza.

3. Pick someone with things you don't have

Duh, then you'll have everything you need! Have a TV but no couch? Find someone with a couch. Baking but no cooking supplies? Same thing. Pretty clothes and you have rags from Wal-Mart? You get the idea...

4. Someone who will accept your weird habits

Why yes I do like to put my running shoes in the dishwasher to clean them, what of it? 
Yes I really do eat a whole bag of Oreo's in one sitting while bawling my eyes out to The Notebook.
I also take 100 pictures of myself from different angles to post on my blog, hold the camera will you?

5. Move in with your BFF

It'll be way more fun and if you can trust them with your deepest darkest secrets, you can trust them to pay their half of the rent on time. You know you'll never get sick of seeing their face, they'll do their half of the chores and not judge you for eating mac and cheese straight from the pot. Bonus: They'll slam the door in the face of that Troll you tried bringing home with minimal judgement etched across their face.

So yeah, Anna and I make a good team. Based on this list. We've nailed it.


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  1. will they judge me for stuffing this whole burger in my mouth... Haha that is hilarious. I have had some crazy roommate situation but none of them were too terribly bad

  2. OH OH I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS LINKY! And also, I've totally had my fair share of crazy roommates, I'm glad you found one who will be just grand! xo

  3. You're so lucky to have a friend you're so close with! Good luck on living with your bff! I love the GIFs. Especially the New Girl one!

  4. Ovaries before brovaries. Haha love it! The weirdest roommate moment I ever had was walking in on my roommate doing yoga naked in the living room. Aside from that brief awkward moment, living with her wasn't that bad. She paid her half of the bills and helped keep the place clean so I can't complain too much I suppose. Can't wait for the link up with you!!

  5. I live with one of my best friends and I love it! When you live with your best friend, they already know your quirks and being home always feels like you're hanging out. Even when you're both in your separate bedrooms. Congrats on moving out on your own!