Monday, October 7, 2013

Fargo Girls Trip

This past weekend was seriously something I have needed for AGES.

I'm absolutely blessed to have the family that I do. Growing up, I had built-in friends: my cousins. Over the years we have all stayed super close and it's something that I don't take for granted. This weekend, I was given the opportunity to have a blast in the states with Lisa, Karen, Holly and my sister. We hit up Fargo for some serious shopping and ridiculous times. We were laughing pretty much non-stop from Friday to Sunday. My auntie Judy also hung out with us all day Saturday and I'm a little bit sorry for how nuts we were, but also not really. I know you loved it! 

We're all of one mind, because this was our idea of a super funny picture. 

I also learned a lot this weekend. My cousin Holly informed us that there are trees in the forest when questioned why she had twigs in her hair. Oh really Holly? I had no idea. THANKS!

Karen also dropped some knowledge on us for dealing with a cold. If you have one nostril that is plugged, then lay on that side because your boogers won't harden if you don't let oxygen get to it. She says it's science. She has her MD in Booger Science. 

My Aunt almost lost her mind laughing when she found a Whoopie Cushion costume that she thought would be perfect for me because, well, you know I had an embarrassing moment, figure it out. 

And Sarah displayed human emotion for the first time in a long time, which was nice. 

Here's more pictures:

Mattress testing was super high on our list of things to do. 

I had the best taco of my life at Paradiso

I can never say no to a Chimi!

How can you go to Target and not have a stupid photoshoot in the fitting rooms?

This was probably the best purchase of my life: BATMAN ONESIE!

I've never been more confused as to why there is a need for a bathroom phone..

K SO THAT WAS MY WEEKEND! Thank you Fargo for a wonderful time. Full of cheap liquor and delicious Mexican and the chance to bond with my beautiful cousins :)

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  1. Well first of all it took me forever to figure out how you were in that first picture. Looks like a fun weekend :)