Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bad Things Come in 3s...Right?

So you know how they say bad things come in 3s? Does that work in the dating world, too? I sure hope so. Because number 3 last night was less awkward than when I went out with Mr. Cop, but I never heard from him after our date. So safe to say me laughing at my own hilarious jokes probably wasn't as charming as I thought it was. Or my discussion of my love for Netflix. (Seriously though, I'm obsessed with Netflix.)

Mr. Phys Ed and I met on Tinder. I know, you think I would have learned by now. Anyway, we've been chatting for like a month and a half so we finally decided to meet. So he picked me up to take his dog for a walk. And that walk lasted less than 30 minutes and I was back at home. A 30 minute first date. Bad sign right? 

My bloggy BFF Fallon says that's what they call a Quickie in Kansas and not the good kind (badum chh). 

So much for Mr. Phys Ed. I actually think I may have been more into his dog than him anyway. (That's a lie I'm telling myself to feel better.) 

So here's the thing ladies: Do I text first? Do I wait for him? Is there an allotted period of time to wait for him to text before you text? #isuckatdating 


  1. I would wait to text him... because you're more than worth the wait.
    But frankly, you shouldn't take the dating advice because I"m single. hahahahah.

  2. I would wait. You never wanna seem too eager, you know. I mean if you haven't heard from him in like 2 days, I would text him. But give it some time