Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekend In Review: September Long Weekend

Happy Monday Tuesday everyone! I hope everyone had a relaxing long weekend; I know I sure did! I definitely caught up on some much needed sleep and wasn't even tired getting up for work this morning. That's quite unusual for me. 

I spent some much needed time with my girls, so thank you Eric for leaving your girlfriend behind because I so enjoyed seeing her pretty much every day. 

I kick-started the weekend with a family tradition - Half Moon! We all met up in Lockport and ate the greasiest (aka most delicious) food of life. There's nothing quite like this throwback diner and I love it more than I should. Carbs are bad. WHO CARES. Anyway.... 

After our burgs and dogs we took a walk down to the river and I must say it was pretty beautiful. There's just something about the water. I wish I could live in it. Like a mermaid. 

I spent Friday night watching the worst movie ever with Court and Ash. Has anyone else seen Open House on Netflix? 

If you haven't, then don't. SO BAD. Who is that on the cover? WHO IS THAT?! ANNA PAQUIN AND STEPHEN MOYER. You'd think gee that's gotta be good then. Well SPOILER they both die within like... 5 minutes. Thanks for the crappy bait and switch. Reel me in with my fave vamps and kaboom... not even in the movie. 

Saturday was busy busy. Spent the afternoon shopping with this cutie.

And then I got day drunk. My favorite kind. We were supposed to hit up a baseball game but it got rain delayed so instead we just bought wine and went back to Andrea's and gave ourselves home facials. So yeah you could say things got pretty rowdy (not). 

We steamed our faces with mop buckets. Creativity at its finest. 

Oh look it's the creature from the black lagoon (aka me). 

The rest of my weekend was quite low key and by low key I mean I marathoned Orange is the New Black and finished it in a day. 

How was your long weekend? Are any of you ready to go back to school? I wiiiiish I was going back to school. Le sigh....

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