Monday, September 23, 2013

Relationship Week

Happy Monday everyone!

I had a particularly fantastic weekend because I was lucky enough to attend Eric & Mikaela's wedding. It was absolutely beautiful but unfortunately I overindulged in the open bar and therefore took one picture.

I don't know why I took this

When I say overindulged I mean Sunday morning I was my own worst enemy. I cannot shake hangovers as well as I used to. Anyway, that was the highlight of my September and I got to party with some lovely people and there were glow sticks sooo every other wedding can suck it. 

Oh and also I had an allergic reaction to a cat so my pupils did this and it was pretty creepy...

I spent the better part of Friday night believing I was possessed

Onto the main topic! A lot of my readers have sent in requests for posts. They have given me so many good ideas that all revolve around dating and relationships, so I dub this week "Relationship Week" on Making Melissa. 

Now as most of you know, I have pretty much no luck in the dating world as of late which you can read about here, here oh annnnnd here. So just wait a hot minute! How could I possibly have anything to say that's even remotely helpful or valid? Well I have been in relationships (some successful some not so much) which means I have limited experience to share with you all. Plus I have spent the last week doing some research and digging around into your lives so look for that post later this week!

To start things off I figure we need to establish what exactly dating is. 

Here's a list of things that are not dating:

1. Texting is not dating

"But we text 24/7!"
yeah I text my friends 24/7 too and I'm not dating them

2. Hanging out exclusively after 11 pm is not dating

That's a booty call

3. Keeping yourselves a secret from everyone and their mother is not dating

Take the hint sweetie, if they wanted to date you, they wouldn't be ashamed

4. Internet stalking is not dating

"But I know him. I follow him on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn..."

5. Meeting at Whiskey Dix (or any bar) every Saturday to hook up is not dating

Drunk banging is not dating...

6. Hearing from them only every few days is not dating

If they wanted to date you they wouldn't be so sketchy

7. E-mailing is not dating (see 1)

Have you even met? Didn't think so...

So for those of you who settle for any of the things on this list, just remember: 

Do you have anything to add to this list?

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  1. I need to have the guy I'm "dating" read this.
    And I'm going to need a box of wine immediately after reading this.

    XO Fal

  2. Might be a touchy subject but i think a good post/inclusion to a post would be:
    Worst/tacky/harsh/etc break up story (yours or someone you know)
    Is it possible to have a good break up?
    Possible to be friends after dating?

    Just some suggestions to add!

  3. wait, so you're telling me all the online stalking i do of ryan gossling doesn't mean we're dating? sheeeet.