Friday, September 27, 2013


Day 5 and the last day of Relationship Week here on the bloggy blog. This is the post I was the most excited to share with everyone. I spent a week talking to people I know, who were so kind and willing to participate in my survey.

To start off have you heard of the television sensation Baggage (not sensational but I'm obsessed)? If you haven't, follow this little linky here to get an overview from Wikipedia. It's hosted by Jerry Springer so it's obviously hilarious.

Anyway, I watch this show on GSN and Cosmo pretty much err day. It inspired me to see what people IRL think Baggage is and what theirs would be. You see, on the show it's clearly exaggerated (or maybe they just find some of the weirdest human beings possible, like this one). I had this notion that what we might consider our own baggage, wasn't in fact a big deal. As in, it wouldn't be a deal breaker or easily dismissed by other people.

To clarify a little bit, what the show considers baggage doesn't have to be heavy stuff. Your own baggage is something you believe could be a deal breaker for someone. Something that came from a previous relationship or experience in your life, or even habits that you have that might be a little odd. As for someone else's baggage, it's just considered something you wouldn't be able to date someone for. Again, emotionally or a weird habit.

I asked friends, family, and acquaintances two questions: "What would you consider your baggage?" and "What baggage could you not accept from a new partner?" I said I wanted to see if the baggage people thought was a deal breaker for others was really all that bad in reality. Guess what? It wasn't. This shows that we're all a little hard on ourselves! What we might think is the worst flaw in our character, or the worst part about ourselves, is never as bad as we think.

Unfortunately, we're hardest on ourselves. Yes, some of them were a little weird (lookin at you Andrea), and others made sense if you'd been cheated on or had a bad previous relationship. But guess what? Most people will look past that. It won't cross their mind as a reason not to date you. Everyone has been hurt and that's okay. 

The second question, I was interested in finding patterns. What are common things people are not okay with from a new partner? I actually wasn't very surprised. The "baggage" that recurred the most in the answers was the inability to accept someone who had cheated on a previous partner, or someone who was still hung up on/not over/in love with/still saw an ex. 

To read it in full, you can just click here!
Some names have been changed to keep anonymity! 

Are you willing to share your baggage? I'm interested to see what people think is a deal breaker! 

Have a kick-ass weekend and thanks for sticking through Relationship Week with me. Now everyone... #backthatazzup!

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  1. I love that you interviewed people. You're awesome.
    Also, the only baggage I want is the kind thats packed to go to Walt Disney World.

    XO Fal