Monday, September 16, 2013

Another Weekend Come & Gone

Monday is just the worst. Not always, but for some reason today it is. This weekend went by way too quickly. I don't feel like I watched as much Netflix as I should have...


Friday the 13th is quite possibly one of my favorite days of the year. Which obviously means that I have a Friday the 13th movie marathon.

I had to convince Stacey to watch it because she's a big baby but because this movie is from 1980 it's not even the least bit terrifying so I win. And she watched it. And it was glorious. 

Moving on. 

Saturday evening was a big deal. Andrew Mitchell released his "Every Night" EP and it was a good time. 

Nic Dyson opened the show and let me tell you, this kid has a heart of gold. He's so talented and also so grateful & humble. Love watching him perform! 


Andrea & I were mega out of place at this show though. We don't do hipster very well so we didn't quite fit in. A.K.A we sat in the back of the venue with the parents drinking wine pretentiously and eating popcorn (I fully believe every music venue should sell popcorn cause it was great). We felt a little better once Kristen showed up cause she's a pro at these shows. And Jon made us feel a little more welcome as well (hey look Jon I put you in my blog!)

So onto the main act! Andrew killed it. It was the perfect mix of acoustic and sing along energetic. CONGRATS!

The rest of my weekend was really tame. Shopping and cooking and NFL Sunday. New Orleans almost gave me a heart attack but it's not okay. Just not so close next time boys.

Hope you all had a fun weekend! 

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