Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Weekend In Review: August Long

I'm so late with posting this! I've been so busy the last few days I never got a chance. I wish I could say I had the time of my life over the weekend. I wish I could say I partied hard and didn't lay in bed for 75% of this weekend. But I can't. Because I did lay in bed 75% of my weekend. However the other 25% was a blast in a glass.

Friday my friends wanted to live vicariously through me and therefore we decided to go to the Oak for old times sake. Let me tell you... not how I remember it. Since when are 12 year olds allowed in the bar? (They aren't really but they all looked it). I felt like a mom. It was awful. Lynn and Andrea on the other hand danced up a storm and had the time of their lives. Love those girls more than words.

I was scared to go out for the first time in months

Too cool for the dance floor 

In love with this girl since 1991

Mandatory hair flips

"Danza Kuduro..."

Saturday I laid in bed. ALL DAY. So lazy I almost hate myself except that I loved it. I watched Investigation Discovery all day. I'm obsessed with True Crime and that channel does not disappoint. I did venture out of bed near dinner time to go to the Forks with Anna. I felt like that was enough exercise for the day. Then both of us spent the night on my couch watching Investigation Discovery all over again. (Seriously I'm so lame..)

How is this the only thing that got me off my butt Saturday? 

Sunday was slightly better. I only spent about 50% of my day in bed. (If you're still reading this I commend you, I'm so boring.) I spent the evening laying on Andrea's couch where we drank tea, red wine, ate cookies and watched Big Brother. We then managed to spend a solid hour on YouTube. Did you know the Australian Today Show is absolutely hilarious!? Oh Karl..

Candice, girl, you gotta go...

Monday I had to catch up on everything I put off over the weekend. Le sigh. I did manage to squeeze in a bicycle ride and a yummy family BBQ in the evening though. My family BBQ's better than your family. And we had s'mores. Best. Then of course I put in my mandatory Brooklyn time. And oh look, Courtney and Jason got a new kitten!

The flash was bright. My bad. Also, gave her Ice-Cream for the first time. I'm the best (worst).

MEET CHARLES (not his name)

What did everyone else get up to on the Long Weekend? I hope it was slightly more eventful than mine!

**** I mentioned in my previous post that I was single once more. I have no interest in rehashing all the gory details (they really aren't) for the world to see. It's my business and yes I was sad, but I have moped and decided to move on. I still think he's a fantastic person. I hope he's happy. We still have to see each other on a semi-regular basis and I'd rather not throw the poor guy under the bus for a blog post.****

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