Thursday, August 8, 2013

Old School Quiz Throwback

Remember when Myspace was a thing? Remember filling out copious amounts of quizzes? And then carrying that over to Facebook when it came out? I think I used to answer 5 of these a week. i couldn't get enough of them! I've seen this floating around blog world lately and decided since I really had no idea for a post today I'd steal this from Ashton over at A Fluffy Girl. I love her blog, but I'm about 100% 90% certain she doesn't know that yet. (The interwebs can be quite creepy).

Ahem... anyway. HERE WE GO. 
A: Attached or Single? Single as Kraft Singles

B: Best Friend?  My two besties are Anna && Andrea! But I also have Stacey, Ashley and Courtney. I just can't choose a best friend. I just want ALL the friends. 

Throwback to when Andrea and I hit up the O.C.

C: Cake or pie? 
Anyone who doesn't like pie can gtfo my life. 

D: Day of choice? I love Mondays. JK. Ick. I love Friday. Because that means after work drinks and appys!

E: Essential item? Hands down my Galaxy. I can't leave home without my phone it's like a third hand.  

F: Favorite color? I always say Purple but we all know it's BLUE.

G: Gummy bears or worms? I have an unhealthy obsession with gummy bears. I also play with them before eating them. Hi I'm 6. 

H: Hometown? Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I: Favorite indulgence? WINE. But white only, not a big fan of the red (unless that is all my parents have; yes I still take my parents alcohol).

J: January or July? January because I hate the heat. Bring on the snow.  

K: Kids? Love them. Haaaave you met Brooklyn?

L: Life isn't complete without? Netflix. Of course. 

M: Marriage date?  I think to get married you actually have to have a boyfriend which is not happening right now. Next. 

N: Number of brothers/sisters? I have one sister who I love but I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm the most embarrassing person on planet earth. 

O: Oranges or Apples? Oranges in my Sangria. 

P: Phobias/Fears? I am deathly afraid of birds. TERRIFIED of them. they are the worst creatures in the Universe. 

Q: Quotes? 

R: Reasons to smile? I don't have to deal with someone for a while and it's making my week bright. 

S: Season of choice? Autumn. 

T: Tag 5 People. Well this is kind of stupid.

U: Unknown fact about me? I used to think I could make it in life as a Witch. (Thanks a lot Harry Potter).

V: Vegetable? Tomato

W: Worst habit? Biting my fingernails which in turn leads me to biting my cuticles. It's awful. 

X: Xray or Ultrasound? X-rays are pretty fun actually. I used to love getting them when I was little before I realized they're like radioactive or something. 

Y: Your favorite food? Corn dogs. I will never know why so don't even ask. I just love them. Dipped in ketchup. 

Z: Zodiac sign? Aries. Fun fact, it's also tattooed on my back!

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