Friday, August 16, 2013

I Hate How Much I Love You

We all have them. We can't get rid of them. The embarrassment follows you whenever someone brings it up or asks you directly. You know what I'm talking about: Guilty Pleasures. Guilty because you're ashamed how much you love what everyone else hates and will therefore judge you on. But we all have them. So I think we should all own up to our Guilty Pleasures. The things we hate to love. I have more than my fair share. Today I'm going to share with you my top 5 things I hate to love.

5. Candy Crush

This one isn't so bad but I still get judged pretty hard for playing it at every possible moment. "But you guys, I just got another life so I have to play now". In the middle of dinner, watching TV, lunch break, before bed, when I wake up... Also, yes, I am on level 208. I know you're just jealous. 

4. Young Adult Novels

Again, not so bad but still pretty embarrassing when someone asks what the last book you read was after having just given you a full breakdown of Atlas Shrugged or something. 

3. Teen Pop

I'm a Belieber, a One Directioner and I love Miley, Selena & Demi. SUE ME. 

2. Baby Food

So Courtney probably won't ever let me babysit alone after this one, but how good is Tutti Fruity, Strawberry or Blueberry baby food!? So good. "One for Brooklyn, one for me...."

1. Pitbull

This is by far the biggest guilty pleasure I have. If anyone were to ask me if i liked Pitbull I would straight up lie to their face and talk about how he has no talent and sucks. The truth is... I love Mr. 305. I mean, in an artistic, musically gifted, creative way, he pretty much sucks. But in a get me up off my chair, dancing in the car, jumping around my room, dancing in a club kinda way... Bro nails it everytime.

What's your most embarrassing guilty pleasure? I'd love to hear it!


  1. Biggest guilty pleasure is late night fast food!

  2. Anonymous strikes again. Any way, YOUVE TOLD ME YOU HATED MILEY CRYUS.

    ... Pitbull is something to be ashamed of though.

  3. Stacey, the above was not me!

    Mine is trolling. Kidding, that's my attempt at a bad joke. My guilty pleasure is degrassi. I mean, I am 24 I shouldn't be so amused by it but I really really am.

  4. Degrassi is also my guilty pleasure!! Luckily, I have enough friends who also watch it so it isn't so bad.

    Another guilty pleasure of mine- Taylor Swift. It seems not many people (23) my age are a fan. (that i know anyway)

  5. I love Taylor Swift! I swear she has a song for every moment I've ever experienced ha. I have to say I haven't watched Degrassi since high school though.

  6. I am glad someone else my age loves her!!! I agree, i love her songs.