Friday, August 30, 2013

TGIF: It's The Long Weekend!

Can I just say thank the the Lord that it is the long weekend?! I have never been so tired.

Plus, our summer staff finished today and it was so bittersweet. I'm really going to miss everyone! I'll be all lonely at my desk now.

To kick-start everyone's weekends and to provide a distraction for Friday Afternoon at your desk, here is my High Five For Friday: Top five videos I've watched on YouTube this week.

The Video Dating Tape of Desmondo Ray

Oh Sweet Lorraine

Hopeless Wanderer - Mumford & Sons
(with Jason Sudeikis, Jason Batemen, Will Forte & Ed Helms)

Sir Patrick Stewart's Quadruple Take Masterclass

How To hold A Cat as shown by Macklemore

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I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable September long! Can't wait to hear about everyone's weekends on Tuesday.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Meet my Big!

Hello blog land!

I participated in a little something called Bigs & Littles Blogging Network recently, where bloggers get paired up as a way of learning from each other and meeting new interweb friends. So far, I have found it to be an amazing experience and the main reason for this would be because my Big is pretty awesome. We have a lot in common considering we're so far away from each other (she's an American living in Germany, how cool is that?). She also seems to be an amazing cook and I have the majority of her recipes written down so I can try them myself.

 Today I want to introduce her to everyone and convince you all to check out her bloggity blog over at Running With My Tiara On.

Love her!

Why did you start writing a blog and what would you say your focus is?
I started writing a blog because I wanted to get serious about working out and losing weight. That is the main focus of my blog but I also talk about my daily life and growing obsession with beauty products. I have not really kept up with my eating habits over the summer so I plan on working on focusing on that a little more on the blog plus talking more specifically about what I do and the things I have learned in my path to getting healthy. 

What's life like as an American in Germany?
Really strange sometimes! I live right outside of the army base that we are stationed at in an all American neighborhood so in many ways it is comfortable. Any time we travel or go out to do stuff is when it gets weird. Everything is in a language that we don't speak and people stare at us because it is so obvious we are Americans. I am getting used to being around it but my husband still feels uncomfortable. I am really enjoying trying to learn to fit in but I also miss home. On the bright side the views here are unbeatable. 

What's your favorite part about blogging?
It is without a doubt the people. For me there would be no point to blogging if I weren't meeting and interacting with so many awesome and supportive people on a daily basis. I get the opportunity to get to know people around the world plus I have the support of others who are facing the same weight loss struggles every day. The blogging community is really something incredible. 

What do you do in your spare time?
I absolutely love to read. It is by far one of my all time favorite activities. I love being transported into a different world and 'living' a strange reality that touches my heart in a way that real life cannot. My other favorite activities are watching movies, blogging, attempting to force my dog to cuddle me (she hates snuggles!) and just spending time with my husband.  

What was your favorite part about getting married?
I'm going to be completely honest on this, and anyone who knows me could probably answer this question for me- the attention! I'm not going to lie, I love to be in the spotlight with all of the attention on me. When we were preparing for the wedding people always asked about it any time they saw me and when we would go to appointments it was all about me. I know that sounds totally self centered but it's nice when people are excited about you. Oh, also, trying on wedding dresses was so much fun I always talk about wanting to pretend I am getting married again so I can do it again!

What advice do you have for new bloggers?
Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Be true to who you are on your blog and reach out to others whose blog you enjoy. This community is all about making connection and the only way to do that is by getting yourself out there and showing the world who you are. 

So now you all know how great she is so go to her blog. GO NOW! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Same Love

As a Canadian, I'm pretty proud of our stance on equality.

Watching the VMA's last night, hearing Macklemore say "Gay rights are human rights, there is no separation" actually brought a tear to my eye. With everything that's going on in our world, from Russia to South America to the United States, it's amazing to hear someone stand up and be vocal. That's why I strongly believe that we need people like Macklemore in pop culture. 

Personally, I'm straight, but I have so many friends who are not. I can't even imagine what it must be like for them. And in Winnipeg we're so open to people's sexuality. It is the warmest feeling to look around and see how accepting and understanding this city is of the LGBT community. Yet even with such an open-minded community, they still struggle. Some of them feared what would happen if they came out. I can't imagine that pain. To those friends of mine who are out and open and embracing it, I seriously admire you. I don't see them as any different from myself because they are not. Everyone deserves to love and be loved by whomever they choose.

12 Things I Learned From Mean Girls

1. Everybody has secrets.

2. Sex is terrifying. 

3. You can make out with a hot dog. 

4. Girl world has a lot of rules.

5. You can't date a friend's ex

6. Halloween is not meant to be scary

7. Mathletes = Social suicide

8. Taco Bell is always the answer. 

9. My mom isn't as bad as I thought.

10. It's possible to have half of your virginity...

11. You can't ask people why they're white. 

And most importantly...

12. Don't be a Judge-y Judy.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Five For Friday

This week has been a rollercoaster for me. I made a lot of decisions and came to a lot of realizations that are going to put me on track for the next few years of my life. But I'm not ready to talk about any of these yet (ooooh mysterious). 

I know this is what you're thinking right now. 


For today's High Five for Friday I present to you 5 links about life in your twenties. 

20 Things Nobody Tells You About Your 20s

27 Decisions We 20-Somethings Suck at Making

20 Things Every Twenty-Something is Tired of Hearing

What Dating is Like in Your Twenties

Your Early Twenties vs. Your Late Twenties

You would think Buzzfeed sponsored this post but no. I just love almost everything that comes off the site this much. 

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Hate Dating

I've been inspired. My inspiration comes from Juliette... no The Other Juliette. Seriously this chick is one hilarious girl. I stalk her blog on the daily and she responded to one of my comments the other day and I was pumped. As in I want to be BFF's but have never actually spoken to her... awks.

Anyway, she wrote a super funny post the other day about her shotty dates from the past. Poor girl. I felt her pain and after reading the post (which you should read here), I was inspired to write my own.

I've been on some really bad dates. I have a really bad habit of choosing idiots. You would think I would have learned by now, but I have not.

So boys, if you do/say any of these things...have fun being forever alone.

That time we were supposed to go for lunch
(While driving)
Him: Hey we should go to lunch
Me: Yeah for sure
Him: Okay I just have to stop at a friend's and pick something up
Proceeds to leave me in the car in +30C, windows up, air conditioning off, no keys in the ignition while he goes inside for FIFTEEN MINUTES. So basically I was a dog... 

That time he fell asleep
(while on our first date)
Him: Wanna go back to your house to watch a movie?
Me: Yeah for sure!
(get to my house)
Me: hahaha, oh Michael Cera! Isn't he hilarious....
Him: zzzzzzzzzzzz

That time he took me to McDonald's
Him: I have somewhere special in mind
Me: *aw he's so cute surprising me after a movie*
Him: Mcflurries on me
Me: .......

That time he didn't enjoy my singing
Me: "It's a love story so baby just say yes!"
Him: Who sings that?
Me: Uhm Taylor Swift obvs
Him: Let's keep it that way...
Me: .......

That time he brought his ex-girlfriend
Him: Yeah I'll meet you there, I'm going to bring a friend too
Me: Okay cool can't wait to meet him.
He then arrives with his ex-girlfriend, who he had lived with, who is a bitch. And I STILL went home with him that night...

That time he was crazy 
Him: I love you
Me: .....
Him: Don't you love me?
Me: No. I do not.
Him: :) k love you.

That time I almost got a concussion
We were at a dog park in the winter. We climbed a mountain of snow.
Me: It's so nice out, don't you just love the snow?
Him: *PUSH*
I fell, hard. Smacked my head. He laughed. And I still went home with him...

That time he was gay (and looked nothing like his pictures)
I don't think I need to explain this one

Please share your dating disasters. I would love to hear them!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday Tip: Blending in at a Teen Pop Concert

How does one do that you may ask? Well let me tell you, I have been to my fair share of teen pop concerts including The Jonas Brothers at the height of their popularity, so I'm basically an expert on fitting in with all the 10-14 year olds. The secret is... YOU DON'T. No matter what you do, if you are in your twenties and attending one of these concerts without accompanying a child, you will stick out like a sore thumb. So today's tip is less about blending in and more about not making yourself look like an idiot in the presence of all these preteens. (You're supposed to be the cool adult they want to grow up to be).  

I went to the Selena Gomez concert last night. I loved it. I mean how could you not, look at her.

okay so I have a huge girl crush on her

I finally realized that I am a full fledged adult. I got the stank eye from about four children for not acting like one. Apparently if you're older, you must act like the parents and subtly sway from side to side and make no noise.  

I did not. 

Tips for a Teen Pop Concert:  

1. It's creepy if you vocally express how hot you think Emblem3 is before you realize some of them are still in high school. 

2. Don't dance. You're doing it wrong. There will always be a newer dance fad that you are unaware of and you will immediately age yourself if you do what you think is hip. 

3. Dress your age. That crop top trend that you think is super hot right now? Well the 13 year olds have beat you to it and probably look better in them than you do. 

4. It is super uncool for you to jump around trying to catch all the confetti from the confetti cannon, especially if you push an 8 year old out of your way to grab them. 

5. Go ahead and sing but make sure you know all the words. These kids have more time to study the lyrics in the cd case on the internet and will judge you if you mess up even one word. 

6. Drinking before or during one of these concerts is not a great idea. It's pretty inappropriate for you to be scream-slurring at Selena or Joe Jonas beside a 7 year old. The parents will judge you. 

7. If your feet start to hurt, or your knees, or your back (I think I'm a grandma), do not sit down. Only moms sit down. Suffer through that pain to feel young. 

8. When there's a slow song don't pull out your lighter. Apparently that's not a thing anymore. So make sure your cell phone is good and charged.

After the concert, I can safely say I've never felt so old. But why should I be embarrassed about loving Selena, Justin or 1D? I'm secretly a 14 year old at heart. 

PS: Does anyone else find that concerts are a lot louder than they used to be...? Is that just me? Maybe it's my granny ears...

Are there any concerts you have gone to where you've been out of place?

Monday, August 19, 2013

Music Monday: Single Girl Swagger

Another Monday, another playlist. Here's to all the single girls. Or just any girls who are feeling a little bit more empowered today. Cheeeeeers to that!

Friday, August 16, 2013

I Hate How Much I Love You

We all have them. We can't get rid of them. The embarrassment follows you whenever someone brings it up or asks you directly. You know what I'm talking about: Guilty Pleasures. Guilty because you're ashamed how much you love what everyone else hates and will therefore judge you on. But we all have them. So I think we should all own up to our Guilty Pleasures. The things we hate to love. I have more than my fair share. Today I'm going to share with you my top 5 things I hate to love.

5. Candy Crush

This one isn't so bad but I still get judged pretty hard for playing it at every possible moment. "But you guys, I just got another life so I have to play now". In the middle of dinner, watching TV, lunch break, before bed, when I wake up... Also, yes, I am on level 208. I know you're just jealous. 

4. Young Adult Novels

Again, not so bad but still pretty embarrassing when someone asks what the last book you read was after having just given you a full breakdown of Atlas Shrugged or something. 

3. Teen Pop

I'm a Belieber, a One Directioner and I love Miley, Selena & Demi. SUE ME. 

2. Baby Food

So Courtney probably won't ever let me babysit alone after this one, but how good is Tutti Fruity, Strawberry or Blueberry baby food!? So good. "One for Brooklyn, one for me...."

1. Pitbull

This is by far the biggest guilty pleasure I have. If anyone were to ask me if i liked Pitbull I would straight up lie to their face and talk about how he has no talent and sucks. The truth is... I love Mr. 305. I mean, in an artistic, musically gifted, creative way, he pretty much sucks. But in a get me up off my chair, dancing in the car, jumping around my room, dancing in a club kinda way... Bro nails it everytime.

What's your most embarrassing guilty pleasure? I'd love to hear it!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Quarter Life Crisis

I'm having a quarter life crisis. Or an identity crisis. Or whatever. It's a real thing I swear.

I'm pretty sure this is a Millennial thing and that's based on the fact that my parents don't pity me. Not that I'm asking for pity because I'm not. But they could at least pretend to understand how empty I feel because I have no idea what I want to do with the rest of my life. 

Here's the thing: I don't know how to not be a student. I spent the past 5 years in University, before that 13 years in the public school system. When I graduated back in June I was pumped. I kept thinking how free I was; no more University! Five years of hard work finally paid off! But last week it really and truly hit me hard that I will not be returning to school in September. Uhm... What? What am I supposed to do? Oh right... work. (Don't get me wrong I love my job but now for the rest of my life all I get to do is work). I feel like life is Mutombo and I'm that poor child with the cereal in the Geico commercial. 

So yeah, I would say it's an identity crisis. My mother would call it being dramatic and tell me "It's called adulthood". To deal with the overwhelming feeling of not knowing who I am, I have spent the past few evenings perusing Grad Schools. All I want to do is study! I just want ALL OF THE STUDYING. So, yeah maybe I'm being a little dramatic Mom but let me have my moment in the shade. 

So next time you wonder why I'm in a bummy mood or I don't want to go out just understand that I'm in the middle of a crisis. And know it's me, not you. But also it could maybe be a little bit about you

Monday, August 12, 2013

Tuesday Tip: Haters Gonna Hate

Thanks Bill, I'll take it from here. 

Guess what? Not everyone will like you. So why worry about? Be you, do you, enjoy you! The best relationship you can ever have is with yourself, and it's also the one that will last the longest. Let the stress go of trying to impress everyone because it ain't going to happen. Haters gonna hate so hold your head high and let them.

Those who truly care about you and want to see you succeed will support you. Keep those people close. They are so so so important. 

Do you want to follow your dream of being a trapeze artist? Do it.
Do you want to drop everything and move to New York to make it on Broadway? Do It.
Do you want to go build a school in Africa, start a blog, freelance, change careers, move away (I think you get the point)? DO IT. 

I spent years worrying about what everyone else thought about me. I was constantly second-guessing my decisions because I would rather look good in their eyes than my own. I'm over that. I'm going to do what makes me happy and focus on that. If you don't like it, don't read it then move on.