Thursday, July 18, 2013

Why I'm Not Having Kids Until 30

I've hit that prime age of your mid-twenties when all your friends start getting married and having babies. I don't judge them. I just still think of us as 17 and not actually a quarter century old (probably because people still think that I'm under 18 when they meet me). So I think they're too young. Then I think about it and realize my own parents were my age when they got married. And I'm like hell nah, not yet. 

 So it's all fine and dandy for them and I'm super happy they're happy and what not. And it's great because they have the babies and I get to adore them and shower them with love and gifts and then hand them back when they start to scream or poop. I also still get to enjoy (re: drink my face off) at Happy Hour. That's cool. 

This is me & Andrea

Another reason I'm not having kids until I'm 30 is because I want to finish grad school before I have to start cleaning up glitter puke and pumpkin colored diapers (swear to Zeus these are real examples). Considering I haven't applied for Grad School yet I'd say this is fair. 

When I was in HS I thought 30 was a billion years old. My parents were in their early 30s when they had me and my sister. They were married for 9 years before they had kids and claim "it was the best years of our lives". (Thanks mom.) I was horrified. To me 30 was like 70. Not okay. I wanted to have babies by 25 and be a hot young mom and get my body back. I was so stupid when I was 16. I mean it probably also doesn't help that I never could keep a relationship going more than 4 months, so scratch out getting married by 24 to be able to have babies by 25. 

This is enough for me.

As cute as my little Brooklyn is, she screams like a banshee and ain't nobody got time for that. She's a big eye opener. Say no to screaming babies and yes to FREEDOM. 

I plan on making the most of my twenties. YAY!

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