Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend in Review

Time for the blog trend of summing up my glamorous somewhat eventful weekend. 

This weekend was all about having a good time. Friday night was my bff's birthday party! Or as it was formally called YOTTTO (You Only Turn Twenty-Two Once). Andrew is pretty much the only friend I ever made at University that I still see on a semi-regular basis (he works too much!). The party featured a plethora of food, a moving tribute to his 7 years working for the Goldeyes and of course, a Keg. The 90s jams courtesy of Brett's phone were also much appreciated. It was so fun catching up with people I haven't seen in forever (here's looking at you Lauren my love). Here are some obligatory pictures of the celebration:

The rest of my weekend was spent in North Dakota for a little shopping and R&R with my favorite people. Fargo may not sound like much but to us Manitobans it's pretty darn great. I brought back way more than I was allowed to but who cares. Also, alcohol is insanely cheap. I'm lucky I don't live in the U.S. cause i would probably end up an alcoholic. It's unbelievable how expensive it is here compared to down there. Ugh. Super annoying. 

Andrea and I are super lucky our boys get along so well. Makes the trip that much easier on all of us. 

This is one of the first nice pictures I've ever seen of Eric

We of course hit up Chili's because we are obsessed with the unlimited chips and salsa for some reason. Seriously, it's the ish. This was the result of Eric and Chris proving how "manly" they were by finishing absolutely everything they ordered (they were both out of commission for a solid 12 hours after this...).

And here's my mandatory cute baby picture of Brooklyn. I spent Friday afternoon with Courtney and this cutie:

How was everyone's weekends? Anything interesting or spectacular happen? I hope everyone had a great one!

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