Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend in Review

Another busy weekend! I’m really starting to enjoy my Monday – Friday gig. I’ve never had this much time to enjoy my weekends! Friday night was a full on Girls Night with Arielle, Ashley, Stacey, Heather and Courtney. When I say full on, I mean gossip and Boston Pizza take-out. (In other words fattening and enjoyable.) I miss my girls. Everyone is so busy. It might be beneficial for us to schedule in a mandatory date night every month and make sure it’s sans-boyfriends.

Saturday was packed. I helped Stacey’s boyfriend plan a surprise party for her birthday and it could not have gone more perfectly! We even had the perfect excuse/opportunity to get her out of the house: a baby shower. I picked her up and all of us girls spent the day playing with Brooklyn in the sun and meeting our old manager’s new babies! (I’m such a girl, I LOVE babies).

I love this little girl more than words and she's not even mine (I love her mommy just as much too!)

While we were at the late afternoon shower, her boyfriend coordinated with my sister to get the decorations and the cake all ready to go. We told Stacey we were going for drinks and had to pick up the men from Travis’ first. As soon as she walked through the gate and saw everyone sitting around the bonfire and yelling surprise her face dropped. It was amazing to see how happy she was (but also fake-mad because she had no idea we were planning this). The night was super fun! Beer pong, flip cup, bonfire, BBQ, and some delicious pasta salad her sister made. The best part was the co-mingling of both groups of friends which I’ll admit always makes me nervous. I just have a bad history with exbestfriends hating on anyone I ever tried to introduce to them. Just another reason I'm so blessed to be where I am in life right now and with these people. 

my sister makes the cutest cakes ever!

Sunday was just Chris and I being nerds playing Boggle and Checkers and hanging out in my basement which was the perfect ending to my weekend :). 

I got mad cause he won checkers, he got mad cause I won boggle.

How did you spend your weekend?

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