Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday Tip: Staying on Track

We have all been there. We've set a goal for ourselves and declared we won't stop until we accomplish it! "I'm going to be a millionaire by 25", "I'm going to learn to speak whale" "I'm going to climb Mount Everest!" My Everest is not binging whenever I'm stressed. I'm trying to lose weight. Desperately. And by that I mean it's been an ongoing goal since about the 9th grade. Seems to be going well so far (so not). 

So today, I have some helpful tips to stay on track and finish your goal. Whether it's losing weight, finishing a project you started ages ago or something career related, we can all get distracted. 

1. Get a buddy - My buddy in my quest to hit the gym is Miss Andrea. I love to hate her. She makes me get up off my butt and actually work out so I love that. But then I hate her when she makes me go. Even though I told her to be forceful. I give her excuses all the time and they are never good. 


So I end up going. Which is good. 

2. Make it visible - When you see something all the time, whether it's a post-it note or a constant calendar reminder you're more likely to get it done. I set an alarm on my phone to go off every day after work so that I remember to go to the gym. I also put motivational quotes on my mirror so I see them every morning. 

3.  Set checkpoints  - Give yourself a pat on the back (or a present) whenever you reach a small milestone on the way to the final goal. What I like to do is every 10 pounds reward myself with a new item of clothing or pair of shoes. When you have something to look forward to in two weeks as compared to 6 months, it gets your butt in gear a lot faster. 

4. Accept failure - Sometimes, you will get distracted. You will mess up a step and have to start over. That's okay. Accept that you will fail at some point and learn to move on and keep working hard. 

Simple but works!

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  1. Hey Melissa, There's a lot of motivational fitness stuff on facebook too. They post pics of success stores as well as workout routines for something different.

    And if you ever want to go for a bike ride instead of the gym, let me know!