Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Office Life: Technology Problems

I have the oldest computer in the office. I know, First World Problem for sure. But it's still super annoying and I hate it. I'm about 5 seconds from throwing its bulky arse out the front window. I can't get anything done. Even writing these first few lines took me 5 minutes as the screen kept freezing. I've given up all hope of getting anything real done today and might possibly just walk aimlessly around downtown contemplating the meaning of life for the rest of the day. (I probably won't but it sounds better than screaming at a machine).

Here's some ways to know you need to upgrade some of your office technology. A.K.A. "Reasons Why Melissa Hates Her Computer". 

The screen freezes every 30 seconds and you only have one page open. 

"Microsoft Outlook is not responding" keeps popping up out of nowhere even though you haven't touched your e-mail all morning. 

It boots you off the server every. damn. hour. 

IT can't fix it anymore. 

Meanwhile you're sitting there just hoping it finally bites the dust. 

The worst part is that nobody else in the office experiences any of your problems so they have no pity. 

Black and white seemed appropriate to reflect the deep depression currently setting in right now.

So here's to the rest of the day...

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