Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Office Life: Desk Personality

Hello lovelies!

As you know well, I love my job and my office. Just a quick note on my previous posts, the running joke of the office was that I had the oldest and slowest computer but as we are a non-profit and don't have a money tree out back, we couldn't just up and buy a new one! Once we did, it was lucky, because my computer died. As in would not turn on cause it hates me. In no way, shape or form are my amazing coworkers and bosses cheapskates or technology resistant. Just wanted to get that out of the way! 
ps everyone at my office reads/knows about/likes my blog


Today I want to pay tribute to my ever beloved desk. I love my desk. I want to live at it. But the one thing it still half lacks is a touch of my own personality. The easiest way for you to flaunt your style at work is by sprucing up your desk. Slowly but surely I've started to make my desk my own (thanks to washi tape and colored baskets). It's a slow process though, as I'm often lazy busy after work to shop for items! 

Below is my desk accessory wish list! (As in someone send me these as presents).

I found all these items on Luvocracy

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I'm baaaaaaack

So as everyone all three of you who read this on a semi-regular basis have realized by now, I've been AWOL for the last week. That's because homegirl got dumped. Boo, so sad. (Actually kind of but whatever, I'm not over it!). More on that later.

"I'm sorry you got dumped flowers" from Stacey & Courtney

I'm here right now to update everyone on my technology chronicles. In my last post I let out a good bit of frustration on how crappy my office computer was. As it turns out, all you need to do to get a new one is blog about it and have your boss come across it, feel bad, and run out and buy you a schweeeeeeet machine with Windows 8. BOOM. So I now have the newest, fastest, prettiest computer in all the land (my office).

 That meant time to destroy the old one! Office Space style.

No seriously...

Poor old computer died and wouldn't turn on :(

checking for salvagable parts

don't judge my outfit or messy hair, i got dumped (best excuse for anything)


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Office Life: Technology Problems

I have the oldest computer in the office. I know, First World Problem for sure. But it's still super annoying and I hate it. I'm about 5 seconds from throwing its bulky arse out the front window. I can't get anything done. Even writing these first few lines took me 5 minutes as the screen kept freezing. I've given up all hope of getting anything real done today and might possibly just walk aimlessly around downtown contemplating the meaning of life for the rest of the day. (I probably won't but it sounds better than screaming at a machine).

Here's some ways to know you need to upgrade some of your office technology. A.K.A. "Reasons Why Melissa Hates Her Computer". 

The screen freezes every 30 seconds and you only have one page open. 

"Microsoft Outlook is not responding" keeps popping up out of nowhere even though you haven't touched your e-mail all morning. 

It boots you off the server every. damn. hour. 

IT can't fix it anymore. 

Meanwhile you're sitting there just hoping it finally bites the dust. 

The worst part is that nobody else in the office experiences any of your problems so they have no pity. 

Black and white seemed appropriate to reflect the deep depression currently setting in right now.

So here's to the rest of the day...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday Tip: Staying on Track

We have all been there. We've set a goal for ourselves and declared we won't stop until we accomplish it! "I'm going to be a millionaire by 25", "I'm going to learn to speak whale" "I'm going to climb Mount Everest!" My Everest is not binging whenever I'm stressed. I'm trying to lose weight. Desperately. And by that I mean it's been an ongoing goal since about the 9th grade. Seems to be going well so far (so not). 

So today, I have some helpful tips to stay on track and finish your goal. Whether it's losing weight, finishing a project you started ages ago or something career related, we can all get distracted. 

1. Get a buddy - My buddy in my quest to hit the gym is Miss Andrea. I love to hate her. She makes me get up off my butt and actually work out so I love that. But then I hate her when she makes me go. Even though I told her to be forceful. I give her excuses all the time and they are never good. 


So I end up going. Which is good. 

2. Make it visible - When you see something all the time, whether it's a post-it note or a constant calendar reminder you're more likely to get it done. I set an alarm on my phone to go off every day after work so that I remember to go to the gym. I also put motivational quotes on my mirror so I see them every morning. 

3.  Set checkpoints  - Give yourself a pat on the back (or a present) whenever you reach a small milestone on the way to the final goal. What I like to do is every 10 pounds reward myself with a new item of clothing or pair of shoes. When you have something to look forward to in two weeks as compared to 6 months, it gets your butt in gear a lot faster. 

4. Accept failure - Sometimes, you will get distracted. You will mess up a step and have to start over. That's okay. Accept that you will fail at some point and learn to move on and keep working hard. 

Simple but works!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend in Review

Time for the blog trend of summing up my glamorous somewhat eventful weekend. 

This weekend was all about having a good time. Friday night was my bff's birthday party! Or as it was formally called YOTTTO (You Only Turn Twenty-Two Once). Andrew is pretty much the only friend I ever made at University that I still see on a semi-regular basis (he works too much!). The party featured a plethora of food, a moving tribute to his 7 years working for the Goldeyes and of course, a Keg. The 90s jams courtesy of Brett's phone were also much appreciated. It was so fun catching up with people I haven't seen in forever (here's looking at you Lauren my love). Here are some obligatory pictures of the celebration:

The rest of my weekend was spent in North Dakota for a little shopping and R&R with my favorite people. Fargo may not sound like much but to us Manitobans it's pretty darn great. I brought back way more than I was allowed to but who cares. Also, alcohol is insanely cheap. I'm lucky I don't live in the U.S. cause i would probably end up an alcoholic. It's unbelievable how expensive it is here compared to down there. Ugh. Super annoying. 

Andrea and I are super lucky our boys get along so well. Makes the trip that much easier on all of us. 

This is one of the first nice pictures I've ever seen of Eric

We of course hit up Chili's because we are obsessed with the unlimited chips and salsa for some reason. Seriously, it's the ish. This was the result of Eric and Chris proving how "manly" they were by finishing absolutely everything they ordered (they were both out of commission for a solid 12 hours after this...).

And here's my mandatory cute baby picture of Brooklyn. I spent Friday afternoon with Courtney and this cutie:

How was everyone's weekends? Anything interesting or spectacular happen? I hope everyone had a great one!

Music Monday

Another playlist for your Monday Morning! There's some Winnipeg hits in there, let me know if you spot them ;).

Friday, July 19, 2013

High Five For Friday

Link-up to High Five For Friday! It's my first time and I love the idea. So here we go!

BOOK OF THE WEEK - Infamous by Lauren Conrad
I'm actually obsessed with her books. As an avid (nerdy) reader that came as quite a surprise to me. 

TV SHOW - The Killing
I marathoned the first two seasons on Netflix. Now I hate waiting for new episodes every week. 

NAILS - Essie Summer Collection
Love Love Love. 

BUZZFEED LIST - 30 Signs You're Almost 30 
(or in my case 30 signs I'm the lamest 23 year old ever)

MOVIE - Sharknado
Just no words. So bad but so good. 

 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png 

Royal Baby Watch


If you know me, you know I'm absolutely obsessed with Kate Middleton and all things royal. That may be the Canadian in me (God Save The Queen), but really, I want to be part of love the royal family. Except for Camilla. Horse face has got to go. 

So I've been trolling the internet for days trying to find out where Kate is. "Is she in the hospital? Is she with her parents? IS SHE IN LABOR?" Girl needs her royal baby fix over here. Most of me is hoping for a little girl. She would be the best dressed baby in all the world, just look at her mom. Style icon. 

But I really don't care, since it's not my baby and all. Fingers crossed for a baby by the time I get back from North Dakota this weekend. 

"I'm fabulous" (via)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Why I'm Not Having Kids Until 30

I've hit that prime age of your mid-twenties when all your friends start getting married and having babies. I don't judge them. I just still think of us as 17 and not actually a quarter century old (probably because people still think that I'm under 18 when they meet me). So I think they're too young. Then I think about it and realize my own parents were my age when they got married. And I'm like hell nah, not yet. 

 So it's all fine and dandy for them and I'm super happy they're happy and what not. And it's great because they have the babies and I get to adore them and shower them with love and gifts and then hand them back when they start to scream or poop. I also still get to enjoy (re: drink my face off) at Happy Hour. That's cool. 

This is me & Andrea

Another reason I'm not having kids until I'm 30 is because I want to finish grad school before I have to start cleaning up glitter puke and pumpkin colored diapers (swear to Zeus these are real examples). Considering I haven't applied for Grad School yet I'd say this is fair. 

When I was in HS I thought 30 was a billion years old. My parents were in their early 30s when they had me and my sister. They were married for 9 years before they had kids and claim "it was the best years of our lives". (Thanks mom.) I was horrified. To me 30 was like 70. Not okay. I wanted to have babies by 25 and be a hot young mom and get my body back. I was so stupid when I was 16. I mean it probably also doesn't help that I never could keep a relationship going more than 4 months, so scratch out getting married by 24 to be able to have babies by 25. 

This is enough for me.

As cute as my little Brooklyn is, she screams like a banshee and ain't nobody got time for that. She's a big eye opener. Say no to screaming babies and yes to FREEDOM. 

I plan on making the most of my twenties. YAY!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Office Life: Being The Boss

I've learned a few things over the last few months about being a boss. (I know, who decided I was responsible enough to be in charge of someone?) The one big takeaway from the experience is toeing the line between being friendly and being friends. I have an inherent need for people to like me. It's one of my biggest flaws, because even if I think you're equal to Amanda Bynes on the social scale, I will still need you to like me. Who knows why that is? I certainly don't. But back on topic... this flaw can lead to me trying to be too friendly sometimes with my employee. 

At the end of the day, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having your staff like you, but there is something wrong with them not respecting you. I'm not saying I've ever been disrespected, but there is still a need for them to know who is in charge. Me. In case you forgot. 

Since it's a small office and our summer staff doesn't quite fit into it, we all eat lunch in the backroom. Cue the one thing that I've learned is make or break for being friendly or acting like their friend. That one thing is how much you discuss your personal, outside the office life. 

Tips for proper lunch time talk:
That time you got drunk and projectiled all over the bar? Not okay. 
Discussing favorite movies and pop culture topics? Okay.
That time when you were 19 and you and your friends danced on a bar and were sprayed down with club soda? NOT OKAY. 
The lovely time you had at the lake over the weekend? Okay.

So remember, it's okay to be friendly and be approachable but it's another thing all together to lose sight of Who's The Boss.
See what I did there?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday Tip: RRSPs

Even though you may be starting out in your career and feel that you have decades to build up an RRSP, I am here to tell you to start NOW. My father was told when he was my age that if he started investing in an RRSP then, by retirement he'd be close to, if not over, a million. Well guess what? We aren't millionaires and my dad is still working even though he's officially retired. Why? Because he didn't take the advice that so many people overlook or fluff off in their twenties. 

I don't know about you but I fully intend on enjoying retirement. I know it's a good 30-40 years away but when I hit the twilight of my life, I want to be able to kick back and be financially sound. I'm also super lucky that I get an RRSP contribution at my current job. So I made the decision at the tender age of 23 to begin investing in my future and opened a mutual fund. Guess what? It felt pretty good. It also made me feel like an official adult. 

Whether it's a GIC, Mutual Fund or Bonds, it is so important to begin considering saving for retirement. Otherwise, life could get in the way and 30 years from now you'll be scratching your head wondering why you have so little left to enjoy. 

To find out more about Canadian investing opportunities go to your local bank You can also check out the Fund Library which is a great resource for new investors. 

PS: I discovered Daily Worth, which is an amazing financial resource for women. So many interesting articles and advice!

UPDATE: One of my professors kindly directed me to this blog about Canadian investments as well - Canadian Couch Potato (Thanks David!)

UPDATE 2: I don't know a whole lot about investments except that I should make some, therefore, I'm open to advice. That said, I've been told TFSAs are also a great idea for young professionals! 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Anxiety - When is it too much?

It seems that in our day and age, anxiety is as common as a head cold. But it is very important to understand the difference between good anxiety and bad anxiety. Having butterflies and a rush of adrenaline before a big presentation is fine and can actually be a good thing. On the other hand, if you’re having panic attacks on the daily, it might be time to seek some help to get it under control.

I suffer from anxiety and it took me too long to get help for it. Ever since high school I had a problem. But I never understood what it was that I was experiencing and because I kept it to myself it went on for far too long. I was in some serious denial that I even had a problem. Since anxiety and depression go hand in hand, it got way worse before it got better (and still isn’t 100% better yet).

The difference between normal and needing help:

Good anxiety - Big life moments, such as buying your first house, your first car or life insurance plan, can be stressful. Same applies with planning a wedding, having your first child, or even giving your first real presentation at your new job. Anxiety is expected at these moments. Why? Because it keeps us on our toes and makes us think. “Is this the right choice? Am I ready? What’s the risk?” It alerts our minds to the risks and keeps us alert. We were meant to feel certain levels of anxiety. It’s programmed in our DNA. However, we should only feel it at certain times and certainly not every day.

Bad Anxiety - Racing pulse, burning in your chest, trouble breathing and insomnia are signs that your anxiety is too extreme. If you can say this happens to you on a daily basis, then it’s time to look into it. Chronic anxiety can have a huge effect on your overall health: physically and mentally.

Talk to your doctor immediately and see what he suggests. It took me almost a year to figure out the right solution and care for my problem. As hard as I tried to avoid medication as part of the solution, in the end it was necessary and my life has done a complete 180.

On a side note, a low Vitamin B12 count is linked to depression/anxiety so ask your doctor about getting your levels tested. Once my iron and B12 were in check, I noticed a significant increase in my overall health and my anxiety in general. 

Music Monday

I've put together another Monday afternoon pick-me-up playlist!