Friday, June 28, 2013

Top Ten: Friday Edition

Best Concert of my Entire Life

So I went to Minneapolis to see Fall Out Boy with Stacey & Ashley on Wednesday and there were more than a few things we noticed that were different. Now, I'm not going to assume all Americans are rude, but OH my goodness were they ever rude* in Minnesota! We found ourselves anxious to get home (or to be perfectly honest even back to North Dakota), because of how unfortunate our Twin Cities experience was.
*not everyone, but the majority were

The concert was AMAZING. Definitely worth all the trouble. (Except our hotel was a hole. But that is a different story for a different day.) And let me tell you, was there a lot of trouble; from closed interstates, to rude concert-goers to incredibly rude/terrible drivers. So in honor of me realizing (yet again) how great Canada is, I present my Top Ten for the day.

TOP TEN: Things I Missed About Canada

  1. Our Road Construction - Even though it sucks, at least they still let you drive through it instead of detouring you for 30 minutes. 
  2. Friendly Drivers - COURTESY WAVES. That's all I have to say.
  3. Friendly Drivers pt 2. - They let you merge. No problem.
  4. Colorful Money - Seriously it's so boring and hard to tell the difference between a $1 and a $100 dollar bill.
  5. Food Portions - I'm surprised I didn't gain 50 lbs in two days. I think my breakfast was the size of a small child down there. 
  6. Cell Phone Service - No-brainer. No roaming charges or insane data charges for me up here!
  7. Slurpees - Seriously, I think we have the magic formula. Every gas station we came across south of the border was basically foam. That's not a slurpee. Get it right!
  8. Smiling - People smiling at you. In general. Like at Subway when they make your sandwich. Or when you say "sorry" because you forgot to say "No lettuce on my sandwich please!" (instead of them looking at you funny and then asking... "You're Canadian aren't you...?". Or someone smiling back when you smile at them when you pass on the street/in a car, while you're sitting at a restaurant, or just smiling because you're a polite person!!!
  9. Slow Drivers Keep Left - We do it right. Apparently down there, you can just drive in whatever lane you please and be slower than a snail stuck in peanut butter. 
  10. Tim Horton's -  No explanation needed.

This is how we felt both before Fall Out Boy and about to cross the border into Canada

PS - Huge shout out to our waitress at the I-Hop in Maplewood, MN for being one of the very few people who smiled. Also, the two girls from the packed concert who helped us push our way to the front of the crowd! 

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