Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Office Life: Emergency Kit

1.Goody "Ouchless" Hair Ties 2.Sally Hansen Nail File 3.Goody Bobby Pins 4.Tic Tacs - Mint 5.Olay Ultra  Moisture with Shea Butter (travel size) 6.Goody Comb 7.President's Choice Chamomile Citrus Tea 8.Mac Cover-Up  

We've all had those days. Your alarm fails to go off, you forget to put on make-up and your hair is a mess; but you're expected at the office in 20 minutes. I hate those days. Especially because at my job, those are guaranteed to be the days that the media walks in and wants to chat... on screen. 

Now I'm fortunate that up until this point I haven't had to go on camera looking like such a mess because I've mastered the art of begging my boss to do it for me. However, I think my days are becoming numbered. For this reason, I wanted to share my "Emergency Kit" that I keep in my desk. Andrea came up with the idea as a birthday present for me a few months back and said she thought I needed some "office essentials". I seriously owe her big time for that. They have come in handy more than a few times. I keep it in the drawer of my desk in a cute little basket that I found at Dollarama.

I would highly recommend one of this handy little bad boys because you never know when the Queen will be coming to your office for a visit (or the CEO).  

PS. The tea is more because I'm obsessed with drinking it ALL DAY. But it calms me down when I'm all frazzled from being late, too. 

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