Friday, June 28, 2013

Office Style

1.Belted Shirt Dress - 2.Nautical Stud Earrings - 3.Beaded Bangle Bracelet Set - Lane Bryant 4.Bow Fold-Over Wallet - Wet Seal  5.Tan Suede Criss Cross Wedge - Fashion Union

I love casual Friday. It's probably my favorite day of the whole work week because I can ditch the pants and blazers and show off my style a little better! I'm really into belted dresses and wedges lately and this outfit is super affordable.

What's your favorite or go-to look on casual Friday?

Top Ten: Friday Edition

Best Concert of my Entire Life

So I went to Minneapolis to see Fall Out Boy with Stacey & Ashley on Wednesday and there were more than a few things we noticed that were different. Now, I'm not going to assume all Americans are rude, but OH my goodness were they ever rude* in Minnesota! We found ourselves anxious to get home (or to be perfectly honest even back to North Dakota), because of how unfortunate our Twin Cities experience was.
*not everyone, but the majority were

The concert was AMAZING. Definitely worth all the trouble. (Except our hotel was a hole. But that is a different story for a different day.) And let me tell you, was there a lot of trouble; from closed interstates, to rude concert-goers to incredibly rude/terrible drivers. So in honor of me realizing (yet again) how great Canada is, I present my Top Ten for the day.

TOP TEN: Things I Missed About Canada

  1. Our Road Construction - Even though it sucks, at least they still let you drive through it instead of detouring you for 30 minutes. 
  2. Friendly Drivers - COURTESY WAVES. That's all I have to say.
  3. Friendly Drivers pt 2. - They let you merge. No problem.
  4. Colorful Money - Seriously it's so boring and hard to tell the difference between a $1 and a $100 dollar bill.
  5. Food Portions - I'm surprised I didn't gain 50 lbs in two days. I think my breakfast was the size of a small child down there. 
  6. Cell Phone Service - No-brainer. No roaming charges or insane data charges for me up here!
  7. Slurpees - Seriously, I think we have the magic formula. Every gas station we came across south of the border was basically foam. That's not a slurpee. Get it right!
  8. Smiling - People smiling at you. In general. Like at Subway when they make your sandwich. Or when you say "sorry" because you forgot to say "No lettuce on my sandwich please!" (instead of them looking at you funny and then asking... "You're Canadian aren't you...?". Or someone smiling back when you smile at them when you pass on the street/in a car, while you're sitting at a restaurant, or just smiling because you're a polite person!!!
  9. Slow Drivers Keep Left - We do it right. Apparently down there, you can just drive in whatever lane you please and be slower than a snail stuck in peanut butter. 
  10. Tim Horton's -  No explanation needed.

This is how we felt both before Fall Out Boy and about to cross the border into Canada

PS - Huge shout out to our waitress at the I-Hop in Maplewood, MN for being one of the very few people who smiled. Also, the two girls from the packed concert who helped us push our way to the front of the crowd! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend in Review

I would just like to remind everyone that I already indicated I don't have a spectacular life. So if you're gearing up for a post about my "sick weekend" out on the town you will be sorely mistaken. I'll give you a chance to leave now if that's what you were expecting........

...There. Now for everyone else I just wanted to profess my love of Lake Winnipeg. I'm sure there are nicer lakes/beaches elsewhere but Chris has a cottage at Lake Winnipeg and it is seriously the most relaxing place of my life.

How is this not the most perfect Saturday afternoon ever?

Oh hello beautiful lake at sunset!

See? Perfect! I loved having no clock and just enjoying the time I had out there. 

After the lake we came back into the city so we could go see World War Z. I have to admit that the movie was pretty swell. Action from beginning to end and a pretty good plot line. However... As someone who read the book and loved it, I hate that they refer to the movie as "based on the book". NO. IT WAS NOT. There were zero things in common with the book except for the premise of a zombie plague. The book was such a well written novel. It went into detail about the social, political and economic rebuilding of the world after such a devastating loss of human life, from a first person perspective of individuals who had survived the "Zombie War". Essentially almost the extinction of our species. It was NOT about Brad Pitt flying around the world looking for a cure. It would have been more accurate to claim the movie was "inspired by" not "based on". UGH.

No Brad Pitt, you are NOT the key to our survival...

I'm that asshole that always reads a book before seeing the movie, and then sits through the movie ruining it for everyone by saying things like "well that's not how it happened in the book" or "J.K. Rowling did not write this in the book, why is it happening in the movie". I also usually ruin the ending through these statements because after I make them I feel compelled to explain just what happened in the book. 

Seriously though read this book (more than just Zombies I swear)

Enough of my rant. 

On Sunday I went to a bridal shower for the lovely Mikaela and it was pretty beautiful. The right amount of class and some pretty tasty hor d'oeuvres (I can never say no to shrimp on a cracker). I also got to spend the afternoon with my mama and that's always fun for me. I love tormenting her. In the best way possible though. 

So that's my weekend in a nutshell.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Deep-Thought Thursday

From a Human Rights perspective, I get it. I'm all for equal rights and the fair treatment of every individual. 

But if you think of it from a different perspective, I don't think we are all created equal, and that's a remarkable thing. There is no one on earth who is exactly as you are and that is mind-blowingly fantastic. If everyone was the same, how boring would that be?

If everyone was created equal there would be no Picasso's or Gandhi's or F. Scott Fitzgerald's in the world. I find that so sad. There is beauty all around us and there are only a fortunate few who have the ability to take what they see, experience or feel and translate it into something relatable, tangible and breathtaking. If we were all created equal there would be no uniqueness, no fascination with the odd or understated, and no passion. The world would be a mundane place if we were all exactly the same. 

So thank you to the artists. The photographers, designers, painters, writers, poets and musicians for making our world beautiful. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Office Life: Emergency Kit

1.Goody "Ouchless" Hair Ties 2.Sally Hansen Nail File 3.Goody Bobby Pins 4.Tic Tacs - Mint 5.Olay Ultra  Moisture with Shea Butter (travel size) 6.Goody Comb 7.President's Choice Chamomile Citrus Tea 8.Mac Cover-Up  

We've all had those days. Your alarm fails to go off, you forget to put on make-up and your hair is a mess; but you're expected at the office in 20 minutes. I hate those days. Especially because at my job, those are guaranteed to be the days that the media walks in and wants to chat... on screen. 

Now I'm fortunate that up until this point I haven't had to go on camera looking like such a mess because I've mastered the art of begging my boss to do it for me. However, I think my days are becoming numbered. For this reason, I wanted to share my "Emergency Kit" that I keep in my desk. Andrea came up with the idea as a birthday present for me a few months back and said she thought I needed some "office essentials". I seriously owe her big time for that. They have come in handy more than a few times. I keep it in the drawer of my desk in a cute little basket that I found at Dollarama.

I would highly recommend one of this handy little bad boys because you never know when the Queen will be coming to your office for a visit (or the CEO).  

PS. The tea is more because I'm obsessed with drinking it ALL DAY. But it calms me down when I'm all frazzled from being late, too. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

I don't live a particularly interesting life. I don't live in a glamorous city or have a super fancy job. I don't have a TV show and I'm possibly one of the most awkward people. So why start a blog? 

I've been tossing the idea around for sometime now and the simplest answer is this: because I want to share. I want to share my experiences, my struggles, my awkward moments, my success and my failure. I make mistakes and sometimes I don't. I have problems because I'm a normal human being. Sometimes I care too much but mostly not enough (mostly because my meds won't let me). 

If I can make one person feel like "Hey, yeah, that happens to me too. I'm not alone!" then my mission  is accomplished.

 I hope you enjoy my blog. It will mostly be nonsense because I think I have an attention problem. 50% of it will most likely be things I've found on Pinterest and decided to try and the other 50% will be a mass of whatever interests me at that time, stories, advice and je ne sais quoi (oh yeah I speak french too!).